State of Decay 2 May Be Coming to Steam, Not a Windows Store Exclusive

The upcoming State of Decay 2 may not exclusive to the Windows Store if a recent PAX East demo is anything to go by.

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JaguarEvolved279d ago

That'll be a good decision because the windows store is rubbish

darthv72279d ago

Curious but what is it about the store that is rubbish? i mean it's just a store front to purchase digital content so it can't be all that bad. Unless you mean its selection of content and then I would agree that Steam leads the way in terms of available content.

I don't use a PC for gaming anymore but my son does.

Razmiran279d ago

Its not the store in itself, its that UWPs tend to take a hit in performance

UnHoly_One278d ago

I'm not a PC gamer but I totally can't wrap my head around the Steam Elitist attitude that most seem to have.

Most of them seem perfectly willing to skip a game entirely just because they have to buy it someplace else. I just can't figure out why that is.

Can somebody please explain this to me? I'm being totally serious.

What is so bad about Windows Store or Origin or whatever that you refuse to buy a game from them?

Prince_TFK279d ago

Windows Store has improved alot lately. I think you should just stop hating it just because it is owned by MS.

oasdada278d ago

Yeahh... I recent bought sea of thieves and it wudnt register my purchase.. When i go to the store it asks me to buy it instead of the play button

FlyingFoxy279d ago

Yeah looking forward to this, it looks decent.. First new zombie game i am interested in since L4D, KF and gmod zombie survival. I love the multiplayer portion of these types of games as that's usually where the fun is, barring moron trolls of course.

fiveby9278d ago

I'll check it out for free on my PC using the 14 day trial of Game Pass. I held off using that pass on Sea of Thieves as SoD2 looked more interesting to me. We shall see...

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fewDankMemes278d ago

State of Decay 2 domination across all the nations!

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Vasto279d ago

The STEAM version should be crossplay also.

lxeasy279d ago

Yeah if it goes to steam make it cross play as well. Also it's funny how many disliked you got. People really hate Microsoft smh. Let's see how many dislikes I get lol

Pancit_Canton279d ago

Another Xbox exclusive bites the dust.

slate91279d ago

Its never been xbox exclusive lol

Pancit_Canton279d ago

Window Store + Xbox = Microsoft Gaming Division = Xbox + Window Store
(Xbox Exclusive)


The_Jackel279d ago

2 platforms aka pc and xbox = multiplatform.
just the same as if it was pc and ps4.

may as well just call a game thats on all consoles and pc exclusive as well, why not obviously its what idios class as exclusive now a days due to MS

PFFT279d ago

What OS are you using?? Windows right??? There you go still Microsoft platform exclusive.

XisThatKid278d ago

I understand Windows is the more popular OS but there are people that have other OS and still run steam and even the windows store

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slate91279d ago

But you need a microsoft platform to play. Whats changed?

ziggurcat279d ago

PC isn't exclusively a MS platform. You can run different operating systems, and even run Steam on a Mac.

Heelix279d ago


He's saying you need WINDOWS OS to play the game.

ziggurcat279d ago


You don't, though - if it's coming to Steam, you can play it on a Mac, which doesn't operate on Windows. Hell, if Steam is available on Linux, and the game is coming to Steam, you could possibly play the game on PC without running Windows.

Heelix279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


It doesn't work like that :)

Steam may be available on Mac and Linux
but the games catalog on those versions of Steam are limited.

Majority of games on PC don't have a Mac and Linux version.
This is part of the reason why the SteamBox tanked.

You can't evade Windows.
Devs would need to write Linux and Mac versions for their games.

Windows will always get priority due to market share.

Prince_TFK279d ago


Maybe you should do abit of research. Even if it is coming to Steam that doesn’t mean it will run on Mac. Right now SoD 2 runs only on Windows.

Unreal01279d ago

Wow, Microsoft fans are claiming it's still a exclusive due to the game running on Windows OS 😂

I've heard it all.

ConsoleGamer279d ago


Are you new to n4g? This madness already started a longer while ago.

ziggurcat279d ago


No. If the game is coming to Steam, even if it's not on Mac or Linux, it's running on a different platform. Steam on a PC that's using Windows != MS platform.


"It doesn't work like that :)"

Yes it does.

Heelix279d ago

No one is saying Steam is a MS platform.
But you need Windows to play SOD2 regardless of what digital store you get it.

As for exlusivity, it's not available on platforms competing with Xbox.

Prince_TFK278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

“No. If the game is coming to Steam, even if it's not on Mac or Linux, it's running on a different platform. Steam on a PC that's using Windows != MS platform.”

But SoD only runs on Windows. So no matter which storefront you buy it on, you still need Windows to play it on.

That is like saying God of War is not exclusive to Playstation, since you can buy the game in other shops as well. That makes no sense at all.

slate91278d ago

Why so many disagrees? Mac and Linux? Yall are reaching hard LOL

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Vasto279d ago

Its coming to PS4 or Switch?

BlaqMagiq1279d ago

It doesn't matter. You don't need an Xbox to play it.

Vasto279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

It does matter if Xbox is the only console its on because everybody with a PS4 or Switch does not also own a gaming PC. If PS4 / Switch played PC games then it would not matter but thats not the case.

If it did not matter nobody would have cared that PUBG launched only on Xbox One. LOL

Heelix279d ago

I suppose SOD fans are going to enjoy this less knowing more people have access.

Sad times.

Prince_TFK279d ago

Why? The more people the merrier.

Heelix279d ago


do I have to include a sarcasm tag?

Elda279d ago

It's still an XBO gaming console exclusive.It can't be played on a PS4 or a Switch gaming console.

ocelot07279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

So it's a "not available on PS4 or Switch but also available on pc exclusive"

twiggytree12279d ago

It's not exclusive to the XBO console, it can be played on PC.

Kiwi66279d ago

That maybe so but now it means even more people can play it which is a good thing is it not ?

dreue278d ago

Bites the dust of god of war release.... Just kidding because im looking forward to this one as well

Z501278d ago

A game you can play on multiple platforms = A multi platform game.

*I didn't use Microsoft math. I used a dictionary.

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Adexus279d ago

Hope it's on Steam at launch, would definitely be much preferable.

Sciurus_vulgaris279d ago

MS should put there IPs on steam. Since Steam is the biggest distributor of PC, MS should use the platform for distribution. However, I doubt steam users will get any cross-buy support, hopeful they do get cross-play. Release of Halo, Perfect Dark, Mechassult, Crimson Skies and many other MS ips would probably sell quite well on steam IMO.

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