Wired Review: Dokapon Kingdom

Despite the promise of the Wii as the "social console," Nintendo's system has been home to far more coal than diamonds when it comes to titles you can whip out at a party and enjoy with friends. Crap like Carnival Games floods retail shelves, and even traditionally fantastic series' such as Nintendo's own Mario Party games have lost their luster after 12 iterations in the last eight years.

Thankfully, where so many have failed, smaller niche publishers have stepped in to pick up the slack. Atlus U.S.A's latest, Dokapon Kingdom, not only serves as an excellent example of everything a fun party game should be, it also makes for an entertaining time when you happen to be by yourself.

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Zerodin3657d ago

For a party game?! Those get like 4s and 6s!
...must be one hell of a party game.