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Sony's new God of War game is, unquestionably, the greatest PS4 game to date. In fact, it might just be one of the greatest games of the current console generation. It shares such refined air with the likes of the Nintendo Switch's Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and only a handful of other titles. In truth, Daily Star can't see many of Sony's future first-party titles coming close to touching whats on offer here, with the exception, possibly, of The Last of Us 2.

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corroios184d ago

Stop with the perfect scores. I cant handle it. Still more 4 days. But i bet there will be a review that doesnt like the beard of Kratos, or the voice, or because the game is too long.

Goldby184d ago

any person who doesnt like that beard should be considered a non human.

The beard has more personality in it than most characters and would probably be the best leader fro the Beard World

G20WLY184d ago

Didn't expect the Daily Star to agree with the masses. That's not usually their tactic, but I'll take another 10/10, thanks lol

G20WLY183d ago

Don't get defensive, Joey. Look at my comment's agree:disagree ratio - you're publication's reputation precedes you 😉

Perhaps you're more honest now, I guess time will tell...

Joey_The_Robot183d ago

No offence taken, I'm just curious on these things. I think that, unfortunately, the problem is that the rep of the paper/site, precedes peoples thoughts about the actual section, which I consider to be vastly different.

G20WLY183d ago

You know what? I'll give you that, it's a strong possibility.

Thanks for being cool about my criticism - that alone shows a better attitude than I'd associate with the paper 👍

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Lovable184d ago

The orchestra reveal they did in 2016 was so damn worth it now. It was so epic even after watching now.

OffRoadKing184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

gosunoob, who ever that is has given it an 8.6, unsurprisingly it brought all the trolls out of their hiding holes.

Crazyglues183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Wow this is crazy I have never wanted to play a game so bad in my life, I keep waking up like is it Friday, No.... Shit... where the hell is Friday at, I mean every other week I'm like wow it's Friday already that week went by so fast... but not now...

Every time I click on YouTube I have to fight with everything in me not to click on another God Of War video.. I have already seen the first boss battle, and I can't hold out, please help me, it was too good, it looked amazing, I'm not going to make it... I Just stop 12 videos from playing on Monday, now I wake up and Facebook Friends sent me some videos to check out, That's it your blocked... please OMG, it's only Tuesday... How the hell can I make it to Friday, OMG.. I almost spoiled the whole game for my self on Monday by clicking on an entire play though video, are you kidding me, and every other News for Game story is another perfect 10 review... Please, Please help me...

I have been making wallpaper after wallpaper for my PS4 ==> / oh and if you want that wallpaper just go to your PS4 browser and enter this address to download it from your PS4 --> Then after you hit download and then take a snap of it, go to custom theme and you then just move it up a little until the eyes are just above the trophy icon.... enjoy..

But seriously the wait is killing me... if you have ideas for the wallpaper let me know, should I put some God of war logos on it, or add some writing...?

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DarkVoyager184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

“Best 2018 release to date may also be the Game of the Generation”

Another perfect score. God of War is a masterpiece. Can’t wait to experience it myself.

seanpitt23184d ago

Can't wait till my copy drops by the postman, it's a honour to support Sony and there 1st party Devs because they just know what gamers want and they deliver every generation.

184d ago
G20WLY184d ago

Oh okay then, I'll buy it!!

OffRoadKing184d ago

Yeah like you weren't going to already. ;)

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