5 Reasons The Need For Speed Franchise Should Take a Hiatus

James writes: "Entering its 23rd year of existence, the Need For Speed franchise has promised, and on many occasions delivered, a scintillating and breakneck sense of speed accompanied by fast and frenetic racing. Lately though - and let's be blunt here - the series is better off being smothered to death with a duvet cover.

Here are five big reasons why Need For Speed needs to at least take a sabbatical, and at most needs to crash through a windscreen and impale itself on a tree branch."

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Vasto278d ago

Its called the Forza effect.

InMyOpinion278d ago

Forza Horizon 3 maybe, but not a direct competitior. That's one game I wish was on the PS4 though.

yeahokwhatever278d ago

You mean releasing games too often and burning out the fans?

Vasto278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

The fans are speaking with their wallets. Haters speak with words on forums.

yeahokwhatever277d ago

"The price drop on ‘Forza Motorsport 7’ continues to push it back up the chart" So, just not too much of their wallets? Forza 7 isn't a bad game though, but they get released too often to justify the minor changes.

Razmiran277d ago

You are right, they saw how microsoft shakes their customers down with microtransactions and decided they would get a piece of that

InMyOpinion278d ago

If they had just designed the AI (f*ck rubberbanding) and the online better the last game had potential to be great. Graphics, controls, customization, modes (especially drift) were really good. For me though, the poor AI implementation was a game breaker and made me sell it.

yeahokwhatever278d ago

the AI, you're right, it wasn't fun. But I disagree with your assessment of the controls. As a fan of racing games, driving in this game felt like the driving in an FPS whenever they shoehorn in a driving segment. Just felt weird. It sort of feels like driving in sand or mud. Too much rolling resistance. It just doesn't feel like driving.

C-H-E-F277d ago

the AI was trash!!!!! Especially when you have a maxed out car lets say 399 and you're racing cars that's a 315 they zoom right passed you like you're nothing, catch up, etc. rubberbanding was always an issue in NFS, they never create proper AI.

Derceto278d ago

Thank god you decided to only name 5. We'd be here all week if you tried to name them all.