Is it time for proper AI and voice recognition in gaming?

Tannar writes: "Imagine an AI teammate who could carry a conversation, work as a team, follow orders, walk, aim and shoot like a player and even add to the plot of a bigger and deeper story. Perhaps an AI friend who is unique to you and grows alongside you in the game? What about when this all comes together with VR? Just imagine the possibilities - it would be awesome!"

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Finch184d ago

I been saying that for a long time. Yes I want the best graphics and always want improvement there, but damn it. Let's start seeing some improvement in the ai!

Nacho_Z184d ago

Never thought of that. It could be a game changer if you had other characters that responded to what you say intelligently and in real time rather than reeling off a canned response. RPGs would change completely if everyone you met had their own genuine personality that wasn't just scripted.

letsa_go184d ago

Isn't that what kinect and "the power of the cloud" were for?

Derceto184d ago

Long overdue. High res textures on high poly-count models don't add up to much, when the interaction and physics look like they are 4 generations behind.

Lay off the graphics for a while, and really start pushing AI and physics already.

TheCommentator184d ago

I'm glad you mentioned physics. I think that's where the most benefit is right now. We were able to do games like Half Life 2 almost 20 years ago, and I seldom see a game today which takes physics to that level. It's kind of odd when you think about it, really. Other games tried to push physics like Red Faction 1 with Geo-Mod yet physics eventually faded away in favor of a few extra blades of grass or a few more pixels.

I've always been a proponent of Siri/Cortana-like AI in games where the gamer could naturally converse with all of the NPC's; I just think that physics can change the dynamic of gameplay in a more impactful way and should be the priority. In a world where every visible object is an interactive thing anything can become useful, which means limitless ways of accomplishing an objective and a tailored experience for the individual. In a world like that, the AI aspect would be the icing on the cake.

ibrake4naps184d ago

I would give up 4k and 60fps for that

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