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God of War Review - Slow Start, Fantastic Ending - Gosunoob

God of War 2018 manages to be different and yet familiar at the same time. It introduces a number of new concepts, some of which work great. However, they still keep the epic feel, interesting combat, and tells a very different story for this franchise.

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MMORPGLife278d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
DarkVoyager278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I’m pretty sure this game deserves higher than an 86 when the game is currently sitting at a 95 Metacritic.

Edit: Will this review be published on Metacritic?

ConsoleGamer278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

The authoring site is atleast not on the list

Klick "expand" under:


So it seems like it doesn't count

MVGeneral278d ago

"Hey guys, look at us! We're different, click on us! Guys! Guys... guys....."


fiveby9277d ago

Well the cynical side of me says yea, I can see the tactic here. Publish review late, buck the trend, get clicks. So had the game scored poorly they would publish a 9.5. Since it scored around 9.5 on many sites, give it a relatively low score compared to the average to get attention. But frankly, it makes no difference. The game is going to sell amazingly well.

NecrumOddBoy277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Some of the best graphics I’ve seen, including interesting character & environment designs
Kratos gains new depth as a character, and the addition of Atreus is a welcome new element
Fantastic voice acting across the board, music knows exactly when to take over
Combat is deeper & more engaging than before
Some puzzles were pretty engaging & fun to solve

A lot of Exploration is inconsequential
Pacing issues – The latter half of the game feels much tighter than the first"

I have no problem with subjective reviewing and difference of opinions, but the score doesn't really add up to the content in context of this article. It basically has the logic that because it's so good it's probably truly not the best and kind of delivers that #toomuchwater vibe. They wrote it like it's an A, but give it a B. Whatever I guess..

mikeslemonade277d ago

The review is wrong and factually incorrect. Ban that website and black list them.

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Dark_Knightmare2278d ago

No worries they aren’t on metacritic

UKRsoldja278d ago

That's hilarious. People are concerned and doing research about metacritic publishing because the site didn't love it as much as everyone else did..

zeuanimals278d ago (Edited 278d ago )


Yeah, I think people are going a little crazy with that stuff but this just reads like a harsh score for the sake of it.

The reviewer gripes about the exploration leading to nothing consequential to the story, just money, crafting items, and in his own words, great loot. Is he gonna gripe about that being all you find when you explore in basically every other game too?

I understand maybe not liking the slower pacing though. I don't know if the package as a whole deserves an 8.6 based on that one actual gripe though, especially when the rest of the game is supposedly super high octane. I mean, his list of cons is literally "exploring is inconsequential and the pacing is a little wonky at first but then it kicks it into high gear", 8.6. I guess this is one of those rare moments where "the whole is lesser than the sum of its parts" because that pro-con column just doesn't make sense to me unless this guy really hates unnecessary exploration and slower paced parts in games. I wonder what he thinks of other 95 metacritic games, cause I can name a bunch with way more going against them than that.

This guy's reviewing style is the perfect example of the "too many good things, hardly any bad: 5 out of 10" IGN memes.

MrChow666278d ago ShowReplies(1)
Veneno278d ago

I figure they would be if they got early review copies

Deep-throat278d ago ShowReplies(13)
sprinterboy278d ago

So you differ than his opinion who's played and you haven't. Maybe he reviews games with no game being a perfect 10, so he knocks a few points off for a slow start, 86 is a great score, the same as a 7 is a good score.
problem with today's gamers if its not a 8 or above is means its shit.
one of my most enjoyable games last gen was prison break which scored 3/10s from most reviews. Yet prison break played exactly the same as a cult classic from my pc days called riddick which scored 8/10s

GamingSinceForever278d ago

Farcry 5 is atleast a 9.5 in my book but the average score is an 81. I have been playing that game nonstop for weeks now. Very rare to have an open world game where I wanted to 100% complete it.

TheKingKratos278d ago

Does it matter ?
The score is great anyway and it got amazing scores and it pretty much seems like The last of us of this generation
I really can't hold my self any more i need this game now

Silly gameAr278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

No offence , but why care?

1nsomniac278d ago ShowReplies(2)
Jinger278d ago

Lol really? You just don't want to have to change your profile pic to 94 just in case it gets counted, right? Haha

DarkVoyager278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

“Lol really? You just don't want to have to change your profile pic to 94 just in case it gets counted, right? Haha“

Luckily I still have my previous 94 pic ready to go. Lol

An 8.6 is fine but complaining about a slow start? That’s crazy.

Jinger278d ago


Yeah, you can't please everyone for sure. And maybe they are stuck on the old GoW which always started of balls to the wall... especially GoW3 so maybe he was expecting an opening like that and felt disappointed.

278d ago
Jinger278d ago (Edited 278d ago )


Oookay? I was just making a joke regarding his profile pic?

And to answer your troll statement, I'm actually enjoying that 68 very much, but I'll be taking a break from my over 40 hours of Sea of Thieves times to play this wonderful looking GoW game, then go back to sea of Thieves when the new content drops in May.

Then I'll be playing State of Decay 2 on May 22nd, then I'm patiently waiting for Spider-Man. It must suck to only be loyal to one console :/ ah well.

278d ago
Dark_Knightmare2278d ago

As if that 8.6 would have dropped it to 94 lol

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Epic_Troy278d ago

Does it upset you that he's opinion is different than yours? Yes? No? You guys are crazy and y'all haven't played the game yet.

DarkVoyager278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

“You guys are crazy and y'all haven't played the game yet.”

And you haven’t played the game either. So you don’t know if his review is on point or not either.

Not saying 8.6 is a bad score because it isn’t. What I’m saying is that it’s quite low compared the the majority of reviews.

278d ago
GamingSinceForever278d ago

Would have said the same about Breath of The Wild until I personally played it. It’s all an opinion.

SuperSaiyanGod41278d ago

86 is still a good score. The reviews that are retarded are the ones that give it an 8 and say it's the best game in the series or this gen. Makes no sense.

TheEroica278d ago

I'm pretty sure a review score should reflect the opinion of the reviewer and that's it....

kevnb278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

i say reviewers should score based on their own opinion.

Loadedklip278d ago

A review is nothing more than an opinion. This review doesn't think its a 95. That's his opinion. Nothing wrong with that. Zelda, Mario, and other top reviewed games also have people who do not agree with the average score.

Achamian277d ago

95 average and has a 86 for the lowest score. I DEMAND THIS SCORE BE A 95!

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zsquaresoff278d ago

Just a quick question, will user reviews for God of war effect its current metacritic rating?

Because you just know that some are going to give it a terrible rating for clickbait and to appease those against sony exclusives.

SickSinceSix278d ago

The Metascore isn't affected by user scores. The user score is separate. For example GTA IV on PS3 has a 98 metascore despite only having a 7.5/10 user rating average.

zsquaresoff278d ago

Thanks for clearing that out.

Jinger278d ago

Which, honestly, GTAIV really only deserves around an 8. No way that game is a 98.

SuperSaiyanGod41278d ago


Agreed, that game is definitely not a 98. It was good but not 98 good.

D3athc3ll278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Thank goodness you guys aren't reviewing games. At the time GTA IV was the best game on most levels. It deserves 98, but like I said, critics judge games better than you noobs!!

To the ppl below!

yeastori278d ago

GTAIV was trash, game was forgettable and yet game sites had the gall to give it a score up there compared to MGS4 which came out the same year and what’s worst is that they voted for GTAIV to be GOTY instead of MGS4

thekhurg277d ago

Jinger, disagree.

Nico and his story were amazing.

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sprinterboy278d ago

Who cares, buy the games you like and want to play.


Why would you care if it did? Let’s say these imaginary Xbox fanboys (cause we know that’s who you’re referring to) came along and down voted this game til it hit below 90. How does that effect your enjoyment of the game? Are you a stockholder or something?

Sm3000277d ago

8.6 is terrible? News to me

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278d ago Replies(4)
AngainorG7X278d ago

That's a low score, game is 9,5 +

Gardenia278d ago

First of all, you haven't played it yet so you can't know. Second, an 8.6/10 is still a great score. At least it's more believable than a 10/10 were they are too afraid to criticize a game or do it for clicks

generic-user-name278d ago

Interesting, so you say a 8.6 is fair because we haven't played it yet (a fair point) but then you go calling the 10s BS despite not playing it yourself. You gotta practice what you preach.

Servbot41277d ago Show
The Wood277d ago

Servbot. You missed the part where he said
'At least it's more believable than a 10/10 were they are too afraid to criticize a game or do it for clicks'

Whilst telling people they hadn't played and questioning the validity of their opinions. 8.6 is a good score but dude seems like he's here to defend one of the lower scores. In fact. . . It's weird you haven't commented on any other God of war article apart from this one. . . Lol

278d ago
DragoonUS278d ago ShowReplies(5)