Will GTAV Come to Nintendo Switch?

Join the NVC crew as they discuss the possibility of GTA 5 coming to Nintendo Switch.

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DwightSchrute01898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

We won't know until e3. But if it does I will be defo be double dipping.

Prince_TFK898d ago

If they don’t announce this by E3 this year then I feel like the ship has definitely sailed for this one.

mikeslemonade898d ago

The switch doesn't deserve GTAV. It can't handle it.

Prince_TFK897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

The Switch is more powerful than the PS3/Xbox 360 so I doubt it can’t run GTA V. The only thing that I can see stopping Rockstar from porting this to the Switch is storage issue, but even that can be solved by dividing the game into two parts, SP and MP. Have the SP on the game cart while making the MP downloadable from the store would be a great idea.

Kumakai898d ago

why? if you already have it on another console it almost assuredly will be the better version over switch. the game is just simply too big for the switch to handle and nintendo's networking services are too lacking to give it a good experience.

DwightSchrute01897d ago

Because I don't play games just for how it looks.
Heck I still play grey shaded tetris from time to time.

And if ps3 and xbox 360 can manage gta 5 it will be a walk in the park for the switch.

Thunder_G0d_Bane898d ago

Yes it’s just a matter of time.

Gta 5 is on 360 and ps3

The Switch is more powerful than the 360/ps3 now let that sink in.

kevnb898d ago

it should look really nice at xbox 360 quality on the switch's 6 inch screen, I'm just not sure how much effort it would take to port. The only thing that would hold them back is if it just costs too much to port.

Kumakai898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

the switch is 390 GFLOPS docked only. 192 GLFOPS undocked at PEAK. The 360 is 240 GFLOPS.
ps4 base is 1.82 TFLOPS (yes teraflops, not gigaflops)
ps4 pro is 4.2 TFLOPS
xbox one X 6.2 TFLOPS
I know which gen 8 console i wouldn't want to play on by comparison.

Congrats Switch for being as powerful as a last generation console from 9 years, but only when plugged in. Also, the Switch has no hard drive, and the xbox 360 did. So have fun swapping 5 difference SD cards to load each part of the online experience - which are huge.

Thunder_G0d_Bane898d ago

Wow you sound bitter as fuck. Did Nintendo shit in your cereal? Lool

Good luck carrying your ps3/PS4 on the train with you.

The Switch is portable none of those consoles you mentioned are portable.

The switch is like one tenth of the size of those consoles lool how can you expect it to be more powerful than current gen consoles? Talk about Entitled.

Do you even know tech brah?

UKRsoldja898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Don't forget the base Xbox One. At 1.2 Teraflops, it's roughly 3 times more powerful than the Switch.

Theknightofnights898d ago

Looking at FLOPS across companies and architectures is dangerous. They will never be a 1:1 match. As a general rule, you only compare AMD to AMD and Nvidia to Nvidia.

Here is an example: The Wii U had around 352 GFLOPS of peak performance, but the Switch handheld has slightly better GPU performance (despite being 192 GFLOPS), and around twice the GPU performance when docked.

Gemmol898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

For the people worried about the numbers he give, a simple Google Search would show you there are many NVidia chips who have less flops but out perform AMD chips, so comparing a NVidia vs AMD is not 1:1

So him and others can keep spreading the numbers but remember NVidia is king 👑 when it comes to game cards and enjoy your switch


kevnb898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Yes exactly, gflops are nothing but a theorical number that doesn’t mean much in real world power. Pc gamers have ignored those numbers for years now.

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kevnb898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

I'm sure they are at least thinking about it. The switch is becoming wildly popular because there simply isnt anything else that can give that same portable experience. I hope Sony makes a handheld with a 6 inch screen now, and one that takes sd cards... but sony would have to have a blockbuster on the handheld, something they dont seem willing to do yet.

FancyMudkip898d ago

Even if Sony are making a new portable system, I really hope they have learned their lesson for making their specific memory cards really expensive, it's one of the reasons why it killed the Vita.

Kumakai898d ago

assuming they even got it to run on Switch, it would still be the worst version. i don't really see this happening honestly. its just too much of a game for switch, from the worlds, to hard drive space, to all the DLC downloads for all the GTA online stuff, nintendos lack of a proper network service... no thanks.

UKRsoldja898d ago

540p, 22fps port incoming!

kevnb898d ago

The switch is good bump up from last gen systems, I have no idea what you are going on about.

luckytrouble898d ago

The Switch version would have issues happening for a very simple reason: file size. The current total file size of GTA V is around 72GB. Even with a high capacity MicroSD card, that one game would devour the majority of your storage all on its own. Odds are the only way they could reasonably navigate that would be making multiplayer an optional download.

The Switch and its inability to store large capacity games without sacrifice is one thing that is going to hurt it until the end.

Let's not ignore the fact that the handheld mode runs a bit weaker than last gen consoles. If we look at that too, the Switch version was never even on the table. GTA V may run on last gen hardware, but play it on current gen hardware and you see just how inferior and technically lacking the original release was.

UKRsoldja898d ago

You're getting multiple disagrees while making great points. Haha.

kevnb898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

He’s made zero good points. The only true obstacle is the cost to port, it might cost more than rockstar is willing to risk.

blawren4898d ago

File size would be an issue, but not a deal breaker. I can promise it wouldn't be 72gb on Switch, but it would be large. Expecting a game to run without sacrifice is just ridiculous. Whether that sacrifice is worth it to Switch owners is absolutely up to them. If it can run anywhwere close to 540-720p and 30fps, a great deal of us would still buy instantly and at full price, especially if it used the 64gb cart. People underestimate the power of portability over a "superior" version.

kevnb898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

It’s 72 gb on 360? What are you going on about? If it comes to switch the assets and video will be close to what the 360 had, so no it won’t be 72 gb.
Edit. Looked it up and it’s about 20 gb on last gen, that will work fine on the portable switch.

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