Kingdom Hearts III's Classic Kingdom Will Include 20 Minigames; New Union χ Event Ties into KH3

Kingdom Hearts III's "Classic Kingdom" feature will include 20 LCD minigames, while a Union χ will let 300 players get their name into the game.

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FallenAngel1984188d ago

I bet KHUX will still be supported long after KH3 releases

Abriael188d ago

I wouldn't be surprised, it probably makes SE a lot of money.

SuperSonic91188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Awwwww ... crap!

Nintendo Game and Watch!!!!!!!
emulated on PS4 and Xbox!

Square Enix you sneaky b*******!
This is madness!

Nice touch Square Enix.
You have done your homework very well. You get an A for "Awesomeness".

SuperSonic91188d ago

So many Switch port beggars on that video seriously...Why?