Bethesda quiet on Wolfenstein II for Switch including DLC, focusing on polish and optimization

On Twitter recently, Bethesda’s Spanish account was asked whether Wolfenstein II on Switch will have the included DLC. The company said in response that it has “nothing to share at the moment”. Bethesda also commented on its work on Wolfenstein II for Switch in general.

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wonderfulmonkeyman185d ago

They did a really damned good job on Skyrim, so I'm hoping they won't stumble here.
Focusing on optimization is a good first step.

Prince_TFK185d ago

Doom was also another acceptable port. I feel like Bethesda is only one of the few companies who try hard to make their games run great on the Switch.

marloc_x185d ago

Doom runs nicely on my Switch. Really looking forward to Wolfenstein.

Istolla184d ago

I played it at PAX. The demo was very smooth.

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