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Sonic Generations is back as a Xbox Backwards Compatible title that's been Xbox One X enhanced too and it looks like a brand new release.

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FinalomegaS217d ago

looks great but the guy playing sucks..

Kribwalker216d ago

can’t beat free remasters like this.

Emme216d ago

OMG ! Let's call them *FREEMASTERS* !!! Awesome !!!

Atomicjuicer216d ago

Does it fix the performance too? Game ran like crap on my ps3 but it was a gorgeous game.

solderman216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

The performance you are talking about is the 30fps limit that was imposed on both console versions which made it hard on the eyes. Sonic platformer at 30fps is a no go.

Teflon02216d ago

30fps was fine, frame drops are an issue though. I don't remember it having much issues with fps unlike unleashed that dropped heaving on some parts like the forest part of the tropical stage

solderman216d ago

Still 30fps unfortunately. Which is what put my off playing the console version. They should re-release for 60fps.

Chocoburger216d ago

I have it for both Xbox 360 and PC. The PC version is stunning at 1080p 60 FPS, and even most notebook / tablet PCs can easily run this game at 60 FPS locked. Watch 60 FPS videos of this game on YouTube to see how smooth it is on PC.

Teflon02216d ago

I play it on pc now at 60fps and won't go back. The games really not demanding at all. It kinda amazes me that that game couldn't be maxed out on consoles seeing how well it runs on pc. Haven't seen it lose a frame on my comp.

Gman32216d ago

you all over the place spreading your hate sonic generation runs and looks great on Xbox one x so i dont know what you are talking about if you care about fps get a pc

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