Competitive Gamer Billy Mitchell Responds To His High Scores Getting Removed

Famous competitive gamer Billy Mitchell was one of the best arcade gamers of all time getting high scores in the likes of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and more. However, his expertise came into question earlier this year as evidence shows that he was cheating using an emulator to attain high scores

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porkChop183d ago

I don't see how he can prove everything was legit considering how much proof there is showing that it *wasn't* legit. But hey, if you can actually prove everyone wrong then do it.

mandf183d ago

Simple play the correct machine in front of qualified people to verify it. All he has to do is score like has says is capable of.

XisThatKid182d ago

LOOK is Giant Bearded Face GBF
He's salty about those "broken bones"

mandf182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Xis what are you talking about?

Orionsangel183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

His proof is witnesses. Which means family and close friends from his Fun Spot days. All the people protecting Billy's lies. Keep in mind that this video already has a shady undertone to it as Mitchell is on the advisory board of Old School Gamer Magazine.

bow2yoda182d ago

yeah he is like the donald trump of gaming... lmao

Bimkoblerutso182d ago

...does he kinda look like Emperor Snoke with a beard?

ImGumbyDammit182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Wouldn't he be more like the Hillary of gaming? Doing everything from machine setup at home and having us trust the results because her (I mean his) friends and cohorts said it was all on the up and up. Of course, all his scores have been deleted with bleachbit so will never no. And of course, he never goes away like Hillary, hovering around trying to relevant, blaming all his issues on conspiracies, never himself.

rainslacker182d ago

I would think any record would have to be verified by a impartial 3rd party. Or at least verifiable beyond doubt through other means. Otherwise, it's just too easy to cheat. Friends and family are not verifiable witnesses, and just recording the game play isn't really trustworthy. Even if he did it without cheating, then I can't see how any reputable record tracking institution would actually credit him for it.

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PurpHerbison182d ago

Is there a video available yet detailing exactly what he did and what a real submission should look like?

PhoenixUp183d ago

Not even Phoenix Wright could defend this guy

Sirk7x183d ago

Wright doesn't defend guilty people.

PhoenixUp183d ago

@ Sirk

He actually did so on two occasions

passenger77182d ago

That's a video game character... goddamn lawyers would defend anyone... anything

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Neonridr183d ago

lol.. witnesses that are either paid to say that he didn't cheat or are his friends. Guy has always been a clown.

Brave_Losers_Unite183d ago

Witnesses? Or like your mom and some other WR cheater?

Servbot41182d ago

Yeah I wouldn't trust anyone from Twin Galaxies considering it took this long with this overwhelming amount of evidence.

ASBO-5183d ago

The Fireblaster has been busted!!

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The story is too old to be commented.