Nintendo’s new multi-screen patent isn’t just crazy—it might already hide in Switch

Is this vaporware? A new system? Or a soon-to-be Switch feature?

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Apocalypse Shadow277d ago

This could work if all the screens are laying flat. And a character can run from one screen into another. Up like this can maybe create a panoramic view but wouldn't work in practice.

Or, nintendo might surprise me like they did with the interesting cardboard thing.

superchiller277d ago

"Interesting cardboard thing"

If you're referring to Nintendo Labo, it's another example of the kind of cheap gimmicks for which this company is well known. Hard to believe anyone could get excited about such cheap junk.

marloc_x277d ago

Any sales prediction for Labo Schiller?

..I know at least one kit will be sold😼

Vizigoth04276d ago

Homeless people play with cardboard. 🤐

ErogeMaster277d ago ShowReplies(1)
MarineLineman277d ago

This looks kind of cool, but pretty impractical. I don’t see why any portable device would ever need more than 2 screens.

passenger77276d ago

Well I remind you that it was Nintendo the ones making a successful 2 screen portable for the first time (and a portable in general) and probably some people said in those days, why would you need 2 screens? But then games like Elite beat Agents, Ghost Trick, Phoenix Wright, Rythm Heaven, The Wario game, and many many more and we started to understand the possibilities.

superchiller276d ago

Unfortunately the second screen on the DS and 3DS proved to be nothing more than a distracting gimmick, one which drained the battery, increased the bulk of the handheld, and offered very little in terms of game play. If it was such a great idea, why doesn't the Switch have two screens? The simple answer is that the 2nd screen proved to be a poorly thought out gimmick, no one cared about having it and now it's been discarded on the scrap heap of Nintendo gimmicks. It was a waste of resources and added nothing useful to the gaming experience.

Cobra951277d ago

Multiple-screen video walls have been a thing for a long time. I know the patent covers a lot more than that, but good luck defending the multi-screen, single display part of it. There is plenty of prior art.

ImGumbyDammit276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

It is not about the screen, it would be how they do it. For example, Microsoft itself has several patents on multiple screen devices going back to the 90's. They have made several in the last year (in lieu their rumored Always Connected devices). But, each time it is not about the dual screen layout itself. Because you are right it is not like a unique idea onto itself. But patents like these protect a very small part of a multiple screen implementation. They probably have several as part of design mockups they have done are doing. Patents deal with how the device is constructed. If screens are connected they may have unique hinge base. How the devices connect to each other using special communications. How it interacts with the world. How it is powered. How a system is self-aware of each screen etc... I suspect Nintendo's patent is fairly focused as well. It appears to deal with how a system works with moving interaction from one screen to another, possibly across a local network interface. Not to say that another portable device or system couldn't have a similar feature just not done in the same way Nintendo (if the patent is found unique) is doing their implementation.

Theknightofnights277d ago

This might be cool for small things, like trading cards in a card game. I couldn't see much else being used for it though.

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