Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - Xbox One X Delivers Again

Rockstar's horror expansion pushed Xbox 360 hard at the time - with engine changes to support a new zombie apocalypse twist. But does that affect Xbox One X's bid for running the game at 4K at a locked 30fps?

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SirBruce961d ago

Thanks Rockstar for leting Microsoft make it backcompat with X improvements.

solderman960d ago

Digital Foundry didn't even test the broken multiplayer? Makes them look like Microsoft hacks to be honest. If they did they would find a game that shouldn't be on sale.

Hroach616960d ago

Not many people playing this game for its multiplayer these days. More work then it’s work for them to do that.
So negative for no reason. If your unhappy playing the multiplayer that’s your issue lol your prob running around alone anyway