SEGA Ages could expand with Saturn and Dreamcast games in the future

SEGA Ages kicked off the weekend with a new announcement for Switch owners. Starting this summer, SEGA and M2 will be publishing classic games on the eShop. Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Thunder Force IV, Alex Kidd, and Gain Ground are among the confirmed titles.

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strayanalog188d ago

Assuming it goes well, Saturn and Dreamcast titles would be great, especially on the go.

Fullmetalevolust186d ago

Hey everyone, please tweet Sega about putting Saturn and DC games in the collection. They want users to tweet them about it to gather how much interest there is.

please don't flag me in case website links aren't allowed. Unsure.

PhoenixUp188d ago

I wish Sega would include those systems in their future retro collections

You can only release a compilation of Genesis titles so many times

Fullmetalevolust187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Thank you, I've been saying that all along. Good luck to that mini-megadrive/genesis, but it has been done before and all those games are all readily available, no matter what you game on.
I have a compilation of these games on my ps3 and it's probably more than what will be on the mini. However, if it's an introduction entry to say a Saturn mini or a DC mini then I am all in.
OT: sega ages has included Saturn games in the past on ps2, so it is possible to see those again in the future (hopefully). Dragon Force, Virtual On, Phantasy Star are among them, just sayin'.

Apocalypse Shadow187d ago

It would be nice to have the ability to play on the go legitimately. Right now, I can play games like ready to rumble,power stone, shenmue, jet grind Radio, etc at full speed on my phone or tablet. And with Saturn, games like guardian heroes. But I'd really like Sega to make this happen because it's possible. If an emulator can do it, the full support of sega can make all sega games compatible.

Make it happen sega.

Teflon02187d ago

Power Stone 1 &2 are on PSP and playable on Vita and Jet Set Radio is on Vita as well. Can't remember if it's only the first one or the second as well

Apocalypse Shadow187d ago

Yeah. But there is a team that created an emulator for Saturn and dreamcast. I can play shenmue on the go with no glitches or slowdown. But I want sega to get off their butts and release sega games legitimately. I would love to buy and play skies of arcadia on the go.

They have so many great franchises but after being bought by Sammy, they just sit on them unless it's sonic or advertising for pachinko like Konami does. It took nintendo making money before they decided to create sega mini systems. Could be playing a new shinobi by now or streets of rage.

The sega I knew years ago was better than today's lazy one.

Teflon02187d ago

Yeah, I agree. I've been dying for them to rereleased Billy Hatcher as I had the game for Gamecube as a kid and liked it but never got to finish it. Like you were saying, I could emulate it but it's just the idea of getting a full release on newer consoles or pc.

wonderfulmonkeyman187d ago

I think a LOT of Switch owners would love a port of Skies of Arcadia. Or even better, a SEQUEL.

Apocalypse Shadow187d ago

Yeah. I agree. That would be cool on switch. And man, more adventures of Vise and Aika in a sequel. Would love that. One of the best rpgs made and sega can't even do anything with that.

I'm glad shenmue 1,2 is coming. But it took Yu and shenmue 3 kick starter to push them to. I miss the old sega.

Gemmol187d ago

Now this I want beside shining force 1 and 2

I doubt I get any on this list, but since the full list wont leak until summer I'm guessing e3 I will wait to judge, but if I do not get any on the list, I need my fellow SwitchPS4 owners to get all those games so Sega can bring me my power stone and many other games I have no shame picking up

EricLane187d ago

Shining Force 2 was my favorite RPG growing up. Always wanted a reboot as an adult but I am sure it wouldn't be as good as I hoped.

Gemmol187d ago

bro, i feel the same, i beat shining force 2 more than 20 times somewhere close to 30

they change shining force later on from turn base to action base, im a bit sad about it, wish they kept it same like Dragon Quest and just make another franchise action base

masterfox187d ago

I wonder if people are seeing the whole picture here about the type of gaming device the Switch is transforming to. :D

marloc_x187d ago extraordinary success?

masterfox187d ago

I'm talking about games, and playing old freaking games is nothing to brag about. lol