Shroud of the Avatar Review (PC) - Hey Poor Player

Visit New Britannia in Richard Garriott's latest adventure: Shroud of the Avatar. The spiritual successor to the Ultima games, Shroud of the Avatar claims to return players to the good old days of classic RPG games, but does it succeed?

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Jbmeadows2056d ago

Legit considered it. Not going to lie.

Razmiran2056d ago

Its bug ridden, it looks bad AND runs bad, it feels unfinished. You cant present a negative opinion on forums because you will be trolled by whalea and then moderated for inciting conflict.
But worst of all? Its not fun nor intresting, it doesnt feel like an old school Richard Garriott game at all.

franwex2055d ago

It looked bad a few years ago, but I figured it was because it was still in development. Today I’m not sure if I’m looking at Alpha stages or current stages. It’s a mess.


Capcom Confirms More Resident Evil Remakes Are Coming

After the success of the Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4 remakes, Capcom has confirmed plans to continue the trend, although stopped short of announcing which Resident Evil game is next in line for the remake treatment.

just_looken2h ago

Right or go crazy and bring back there old street fighter titles

But na remake old RE games that somehow 20yrs later get awards for being the best game of that year like sure....

Amplitude2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

@just_looken: they're completely redesigned from the ground up. RE2 and 3 even moreso. It's completely valid that RE4 could win GOTY. Thats like saying MW3 2023 shouldn't have a chance to win GOTY (if it were actually good) simply because it shares a name and concept with an older release. Very silly logic tbh

-Foxtrot9h ago

Code Veronica is a must

RE5 but I want it like the original 4.5 ideas, if they must have co-op then I want it drop in drop out so single player gamers can enjoy the game with the solo survival horror themes in tact.

The original ideas had things like heatstroke if you stayed in the sun too long and also if you stayed inside for long period and enter to the outside too quickly your vision would be blurred to refocus in the bright sun.

just_looken2h ago

Resident Evil Survivor psvr 2?

na that means psvr 2 would not be a paper weight and even get fresh ideas/new games nvm

SimpleSlave3h ago

I know I'm the only one that wants it, but can we get a Remake of 1 in First Person? OKTHANKSBYE!

CobraKai2h ago

Maybe make it an option like Village. Jill and Chris are too iconic to be left in 1st person.

SimpleSlave1h ago

3rd person is simply inferior and obtrusive but I'm OK with Options. What I don't want is have to buy a VR headset to experience these and other games, like Hitman, in First Person mode.

To each their own but at least give us the option without having to pay extra is all I'm saying.

repsahj2h ago

I hope they make a new IP. It's boring that only remakes are being made.

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The Witcher 4 Aims to Go Beyond Current RPGs, Says CDPR; It'll Be a Good Entry Point for New Fans

The Witcher 4 Game Director Sebastian Kalemba shared a few interesting details on the overarching vision for this new project.

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-Foxtrot1d 12h ago

Please…don’t start this hype bullshit after what happened to Cyberpunk

Just shut your face until it’s ready for a full reveal and it’s going to be releasing within a year

Sonic18811d 12h ago

I know right. I agree with you there

Alexious8h ago

Cyberpunk's perceived fiasco was entirely user driven.

dumahim6h ago

That's gotta be one of the most deluded statements I've ever seen here in a long time.

-Foxtrot5h ago


It was OUR fault it was broken, buggy and a total let down at launch because it wasn’t what they made it out to me

Our fault…not the developers who made the game

shinoff21835h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Cyberpunk was trash at first. I've read it's got better but I won't find out on ps5 for sometime because how they doing ps5 owners dirty with that disc. The fiasco though naw that was warranted as fk

You work there or got a relative maybe?

HollowIchigo254h ago

they didn't allow reviews for the console versions at launch to prevent the "user" from knowing how awful it is compared to the PC version
you blame that on the gamers?

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Notellin3h ago

I read the article and his quotes in their entirety and he didn't come close to hyping anything up.