Shroud of the Avatar Review (PC) - Hey Poor Player

Visit New Britannia in Richard Garriott's latest adventure: Shroud of the Avatar. The spiritual successor to the Ultima games, Shroud of the Avatar claims to return players to the good old days of classic RPG games, but does it succeed?

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Jbmeadows1760d ago

Legit considered it. Not going to lie.

Razmiran1760d ago

Its bug ridden, it looks bad AND runs bad, it feels unfinished. You cant present a negative opinion on forums because you will be trolled by whalea and then moderated for inciting conflict.
But worst of all? Its not fun nor intresting, it doesnt feel like an old school Richard Garriott game at all.

franwex1759d ago

It looked bad a few years ago, but I figured it was because it was still in development. Today I’m not sure if I’m looking at Alpha stages or current stages. It’s a mess.