Ranking The Best Video Game Sidekicks From First To Worst

COG: Sidekicks are a huge part of many games throughout history. So which ones stand out the most, whether for being downright awesome or just plain stupid?

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LoveSpuds189d ago

As far as side kicks I was completely invested in and cared for, it has to be Ellie from The Last of Us and all of the cast from the Uncharted series be it Sully, Elena, Chloe or Cutter, I loved them all.

Razzer189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

1) Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
2) Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V
3) Ellie from The Last of Us
4) Dogmeat from Fallout 4
5) Sully from Uncharted
6) Trico from The Last Guardian
7) Yoshi from Super Mario World
8) Sticky from Fallout 3
9) Lydia from Skyrim
10) Natalya from GoldenEye 007
11) Donald and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts
12) Ashley from Resident Evil 4
13) Basically anyone from Call of Duty

DigitalRaptor188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Thanks for this.

Amilcare188d ago

I'm going to watch on next weekends

Xristo188d ago

No Wheatley? Or Claptrap?

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