God of War Director On How They Approached Scale: “We Lost a Bit of the ‘Why’ and The Context”

Director Cory Barlog wanted to rethink scale with the new game.

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NecrumOddBoy190d ago

Why is Gamingbolt summarizing EGM? Are they affiliated?

ArchangelMike190d ago

Place your bets, what review score will EDGE give God of War? higher of lower than an 8.5?

Legatus190d ago

My bet is 9, i'm hopeless optimist, always was and always will be.

Matrix6190d ago

I'll put a dime on a score of 8.0 from Edge

InKnight7s189d ago

8.5, as always high bar game from Playstation and we don't like to show to people that PS4 games are the top tier with little compete from whole industry. EDGE.

outsider1624189d ago

It's gonna have to cave in and give it a 10/10. It'll be just too good for them.

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Hardiman189d ago

9pm on Thursday can't get here soon enough!!!!!!!