'God Of War' Review: The Best God Of War Game In A Decade | Forbes

Dave Thier: "This new God of War does that for Norse mythology, but in a different way: we still have the grandeur here and there, between the massive, stone-swinging trolls, the great coiled World Serpent and a few other pieces of set dressing I won't spoil. But it does something beyond that, too, giving us a much more involved look at the twisted family drama that make up these stories as well. The Gods here are more human then they've ever been, and there's something as captivating about that as there was about the larger-than-life absurdity of characters like Poseidon and Hades in the original series. God of War works for what it keeps and works for what it changes. It's a foundation for a series that's suddenly a tentpole once again."

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DigitalRaptor189d ago

God of War is an immaculate and transcendent experience by the sounds of it.

Game of the Generation so far... until RDR2, Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding.

PS4 owners are blessed.

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SuperSonic91189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Is it safe to say that games 80 and above corporate reviews are generally good games in their genre?

Tokasmke189d ago

God of War will be better then Spider-Man

TyrellCorp189d ago

Idk man I’m personally more excited for GoW and obviously the bar has been set very high, but I have a lot of faith in Insomniac to deliver a special game. Look up some gameplay on Spider-Man, the fluidity in navigation and combat looks outstanding.

OffRoadKing189d ago

I agree with this, I think Spidey will do really really well but I thing we're looking at more like an 83 to 87 meta on that one, its going to be fantastic I just dont think it will have the depth of story God of War has. Regardless Spider-Man will be another incredible must own Playstation exclusive.

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Shiken189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Yeah it seems like a must play experience. At this point I think we can call Kratos the official PS mascot. He has been around since the PS2 days and he does not appear to be going anywhere soon.

I used to think Nathan Drake or Crash, but Uncharted is over sadly and Crash is multiplat now. There are so many mythologies to tackle for GoW though, and it seems like the directors are doing a fantastic job evolving the franchise. Ascension had me worried, but I am stoked for this masterpiece arriving on the 20th.

Xb1ps4189d ago

Well.... he is old now and has a son... sooooo... who knows how long kratos will be around, looks like his son may be the one to be around a while?

Shiken189d ago

He is the son of Zeus, and is literally a God himself. I am sure he has more time left in this world than you realize.

Xb1ps4188d ago

I hope so! Cause my only disappoint when I first seen the new kratos was that he is old now, I didn’t even want to believe that it was him! Lol

This is the only game franchise that my wife has played... she was disappointed that he no longer has the chains of chaos.. or what ever it was called.. regardless day ☝️.. this will be the only game that I will pay for more than just the standard edition.. tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Shiken188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Indeed, I almost got a Pro over this game. But the limited bundle was sold out and that would have been the one I wanted.

Still it looks beast mode on a standard PS4 as well, so I think I will hold out a bit longer on a Pro, oending on when PS5 drops.

G20WLY188d ago

His beard isn't even grey yet and we all remember how tough his dad and grandad were! He's good for a while yet lol

LordCheezus189d ago

I seen a few comments in the past trashing forbes as not a credible source when it said favourable things about xbox now it says something good about ps4 I dont hear a single word lol, people on here are so weird and hypocritical if only they could see it. Anyway back to the game, I am looking forward to giving it a try, this game could possibly be the only single player game I would actually enjoy.

OB1Biker189d ago

I get what your trying to say but then if the who!e internet tells you something you are not going to doubt it just because Forbes says the same thing, are you?

LordCheezus189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

im passive about it all mate, i just play the games myself and form my own opinion i dont really pay too much attention to the media. but i see what you are saying also.

AspiringProGenji189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Depends of what you really mean because Forbes has said some shitty stuff before.Care to elaborate what are yoo talking about specifically?

Oh wait why do I ask that? Xbox fans always come up with this “bu bu If it was xbox” bs putting everything in the same context... this is a review so it is a totally different thing. And if anything, Forbes has been more pro Xbox than PS4.

Bathyj189d ago

I've heard this exact argument many times about many different publications. All I can say is, we agree with them when we agree with them and we don't when we don't.

Isn't that a good thing?

Who they are doesn't matter. Say something correct and people will agree.

Are we supposed to disagree with everything they say forever because we disagreed with something they said before? Na. Play each ball in its merits.

G20WLY188d ago

That hypocrisy would only be possible if it were the same people saying it in both articles, surely? Even then, it's tenuous at best, given people are free to agree and disagree with anything at any time.

That's just how opinions work.

I don't think there's anyone to lynch here. Just play they game and have fun mate, it's not worth the fuss.

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Xb1ps4189d ago

The head line has me a bit confused... does anyone know the release dates for all the other god of wars? Seems to imply that god of war games over 10 yrs ago might be better?

isa_scout189d ago

God Of War 1 and 2 were released over a decade agao. So maybe they're saying it's not quite as amazing as the first two. Either way its amazing praise. The only GoW I disliked was Ascension so I'm sure I'll be extremely satisfied come Thursday at 9pm.

Sunny_D189d ago

It’s possible they are rounding it from 2010 which was 8 years ago so almost 10 years. Thus, the best God of War in a decade. Maybe to them the 3 and ascension were not as great as the first 2. But, then this new one has proved otherwise?

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