Three games are leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of April 2018

James writes - "As the month of April passes by, we prepare to say goodbye to a selection of titles currently available in the Xbox Game Pass library. Want to know which ones will be leaving the subscription at the end of the month?"

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letsa_go1257d ago

The following games listed below are set to leave Xbox Game Pass on April 30th:

WWE 2K17 – Xbox One
NBA 2K17 – Xbox One
Lumo – Xbox One

lxeasy1256d ago

I guess the wwe game was there for Wrestle Mania season.

S2Killinit1256d ago

I didnt know games leave the service. How many games are on there at any time brw?

BLAKHOODe1256d ago Show
solderman1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

and this is problem with the service right there. It is more akin to demo/trial service but you have to pay for it.

PhantomS421257d ago

It's essentially Netflix but for games and when you subscribe you already know that. Things come and go and come again on Netflix all the time, same with Amazon, and Hulu. No one said if you pay ten bucks you get to keep all these games.

oKidUKo1257d ago

Indeed, that's clearly the model they've gone for with Game Pass.

LiamKreptic1256d ago

Still a crap model for games...

Prince_TFK1256d ago

“Still a crap model for games...”

If you don’t like this service you can always buy the game outright. Having choices is a good thing.

LiamKreptic1256d ago

Wow! I’ll say it again. Ahem. Crap model for games. Since when is this a choice that matters? Microsoft WANTS to get rid of any and all purchasing of games. They want it to be on a GaaS model. The future is a paid for digital service in the eyes of Xbox...I’m against that permanently...but I’m a bigot so whatever...throw names for the hell of it

Jinger1256d ago


Your argument holds no weight because you still have the option to purchase the game. And if someone wants to buy these 3 games to keep playing them, they can do so and even get a discount for it if they buy before the 30th.

GamePass has given me the opportunity to play some games that I previously didn't because I never wanted to buy them. Like Super Luckys Tale. Turns out my daughter loves it and it's actually a pretty decent game to where if it leaves GamePass soon I may just buy it for her.

Cobra9511256d ago

Right. It's much like a rental service, with each game getting a limited time at the subscribers' disposal, and only while they keep re-upping to the service. Not my cup of tea. I want to own my games outright. But I can definitely understand the appeal.

UnholyLight1256d ago

Which is too bad, I really think games should stay on there for the price. That would make it a world class service if you ask me

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x_xavier_x1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Do you have the same problem with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc? EVERY subscription service, which provides access to digital media, rotates the titles in their catalog.

Do you really expect the publishers to keep their game available forever? That's not how it works.

Goldby1256d ago

i dont, but it also doesnt take 60+ hours to finish a movie on Netflix, or listen to an album on Spotify.

Gamepass is a feature that is very good for alot of gamers, only issue i'll truly have is when they/if they release a game exclusively on that service

x_xavier_x1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


"it also doesn't take 60+ hours to finish a movie on Netflix"

It does if you watch a TV series with multiple seasons. I don't hear people complaining when those lengthy programs are removed from their streaming service. Also, a 60+ hour game is the exception. The majority of games are not even close to that length.

Many of the people who are protesting against the existence of Game Pass are just looking for a reason to hate it. It's $10 per month (or free if you use Bing points) for over 100 games. That is a steal.

Gaming_1st1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


But on the flip side netflix removes stuff that is barley watched with alot of good quality stuff added, as probably the other's you mention. The problem i see is how MS is trying to be netflix of gaming and could try to possibly go all digital, just as they tried the beginning of this generation. I want a physical copy in my hand. Just the same as my movies. If my internet goes out, i can still play my games and watch my movies.

Sure this is a decent additional service right now. But as more people pile onto the digital train just means more control for the companies.

x_xavier_x1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


I believe that the removal of titles from services such as Netflix depends more on licensing contacts than it does on overall viewership. But even certain titles ARE removed due to lack of an audience, who's to say that MS won't follow the same business model?

I can't argue with another persons preference for physical media. Some people find value in the tangible while others see the benefits of a digital library. I will say that the older I get the less interest I have in collecting anything, so I tend to lean more heavily into the digital realm as time goes by.

I do think the internet reliability issue, which you mentioned, is a bit overblown. I've been at the same residence for over 10 years and in that time the internet has briefly gone out 2-3 times during that period. It never went out in the 3 years I was at my prior residence. Obviously, your experience may differ but I can only comment from my point of view. I feel that internet outages are sort of a false rationalization used by those that condone digital libraries.

I do realize that some people have a deep seated dread of an all digital future and I can understand their skepticism, especially in regard to trusting companies with your media. But I still feel that services such as Game Pass are a great value and are likely to flourish in the next few years. I'm willing to bet that in a decade or so we'll look back and say "remember when you had to put the game disc in the machine?".

Tetsujin1256d ago

"Do you have the same problem with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc? EVERY subscription service, which provides access to digital media, rotates the titles in their catalog. "

I do, which is why I don't subscribe to those services. I want something I can play at any time, on MY time; not theirs. Your statement right there is a big reason why I prefer physical (or digital, within reason) over a streaming service; because all it takes is for the majority to stop playing something and it's rotated out to maybe come back later.

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Pantz1256d ago

They add more games than they remove. You get 20% off if you want to buy any of the games for keeps.

OffRoadKing1256d ago

So you're put in a position to spend more money for the game on top of the subscription you're already paying for before the game is gone?

mcstorm1256d ago

Offroad yes and no. You are paying for a subscription just like Netflix where tv shows and movies get added and removed but the advantage is that if you decided you want to own the game you can buy it and get 20% off the store price so it also let's you try the game 1st and if you like it you can buy the game to play no matter what just like in ea access volt.

1256d ago
fathertime44641256d ago

It's a great service. You get the games for a very long time and games are constantly being added.
A demo/trial gives you a level or an hour or two, game pass gives you months. If you can't see the value in it then you're either not a fan of xbox and think anything that ms does is wrong, you've never traded in a game after a couple months or after you've beaten it, or you're just daft. I'm going to guess the first and last statement. It's a rental service like Netflix, hulu, spotify, crackle, red box, etc....
The service agreement clearly states that the games will be rotated. If you don't understand that statement than maybe you and those like you should gossip back to school

sprinterboy1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Well said, I'm pro Sony but see the benefits of options in gaas/game pass/ps now, buying used or new etc. There just options and it's great for say a mum and dad who can't always afford games for there child, I think it's £7.99 per month here in the UK.
Although I can see where gamers may see this going regarding the future of the industry. I for one have been digital only since ps4 launch but I understand where it could end up regarding physical copies. Onwards and upwards I say, the future may be different, but 40yrs from now gamers will be asking grandad what was physical copies like.

BLAKHOODe1256d ago

It's not like you can only play it for a week and then they take it away. I rarely spend more than a week playing a game anyway, which is what I love about Game Pass. When I'm done playing, I got a huge selection of other games I can play at no additional cost. So if the game sucks, no biggie. Just grab another.

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Vasto1257d ago

Looking forward to seeing what new games will be added.

I love Game Pass!

jjb19811257d ago

I want to get this but if I don't finish a game before it leaves will I have to buy it?

chaos-emeralds1257d ago

Yes, I've done with gears of war 4 and rise of the tomb raider.. And super lucky's take as really enjoyed that. The game pass seems quite hollow for now, so dipping in for a month now and again is quite good.

starsi3601256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


I actually found Lucky to be far better than the reviews led me to believe. On the X it runs at 60fps too, looks and feels great.

Really enjoyed it, although there were some annoyances with certain sections. (unfair deaths in my opinion due to camera/point of view problems)

I reckon a sequel could really come good if they take on board some of the points raised!

mark_parch1256d ago

i actually enjoyed super lucky's tale as well. not sure what review scores it got but it gets a good 6.5 from me

DarkVoyager1257d ago

Gamepass is basically a rental service.

Gh05t1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Yeah, that is the complete concept... Holy crap do people not get that? You are literally "renting" all the available games for $10/month. If you stop paying you don't get the games anymore.

It is exactly like a rental service.

chiefJohn1171256d ago

You're just now realizing that? Lol

DarkVoyager1256d ago

“You're just now realizing that? Lol“

Yea so if you start playing a game and they remove it the next day? You’re pretty much screwed right? Sounds like a great service.

This isn’t like Netflix where you watch and a movie and it’s over. Games take much much longer to complete in some cases.

Jinger1256d ago


Except that these games usually come with a contract to be on GamePass for longer than... a day.

I mean These games have been on the service since February 1st. 2 months is long enough to fully dive into ANY game.

OC_MurphysLaw1256d ago

When they said they wanted to create an Netflix like service that was your first clue. Or did you think you got to keep all the movies and TV shows on Netflix as well?

DarkVoyager1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

“When they said they wanted to create an Netflix like service that was your first clue. Or did you think you got to keep all the movies and TV shows on Netflix as well?“

This is a dumb comparison. You can finish a movie in less than 2 hours. Games can take much much longer.

Say you just start playing a game and they remove it the next day or so? Well you’re screwed.

This Netflix comparison needs to stop. Games and movies are not the same.

Jinger1256d ago


And what if you start a show series and Netflix removes it the next day? Oh no, thats your fault for not watching it on release

These 3 games have been on the service for 2 months. That's plenty long enough to play all 3 of those. And if you really love one you always have the opportunity to buy the game with 20% off... something not even Netflix offers.

Valkron11256d ago

They have never had a game only available for a day or two. Just like this post shows, they anounce when games will leave. The Netflix comparison is fine, it’s your ignorance that needs fixing

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