Valkyria Chronicles 1 coming to Switch

The first Valkyria Chronicles is heading to Switch, SEGA announced at SEGA Fes 2018 today. In Japan, it will be released as “Valkyria Chronicles for Nintendo Switch” this fall.

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DarXyde280d ago

Very interesting.

I've already bought the game twice on PS3 and PS4, so I'll pass, but it now means that every mainline title is portable.

Teflon02279d ago

I bought it on PS4 since it was one of the games on PS3 I loved the demo for but was never able to find the game for. Still haven't played yet because of my backlog, but glad it's coming to switch too. I won't be buying but it's a series that I hope won't die out again

DJK1NG_Gaming280d ago

Guess I am gonna have to beat this one. Since my PC came barely run it smooth enough at a medium resolution

porkChop280d ago

Is it only releasing in Japan?

The 10th Rider279d ago

I'd hope not. It's digital only so distribution shouldn't be an issue and it's already been previously localized.

Tigerblud280d ago

So glad I never got it for PS4.

GameBoyColor279d ago

I just bought it for ps4 :L WEll I might just hold off and hope this comes west, which it most likely will

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