Previously sold out God of War Collector's and Stone Mason's Editions now available again

The previously sold out God of War Collector's Edition and God of War Stone Mason's Edition are now available again.

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TheOpenWorlder189d ago

Tell me when spiderman is back

Majin-vegeta189d ago

It's still available at gamestop

TheGamingArt189d ago

This hasn't sold out at Best Buy... at all.

Nodoze188d ago

Yes it has. Try to order is indeed sold out. P.S. It won't tell you it is sold out until you check out. Trust me, I tried.

TheGamingArt188d ago

Really? Because Best Buy immediately note the Spiderman collectors edition was sold out. I call B.S.

Matrix6189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I would buy, but with >$100 shipping fee to me for Stone thanks.

TheOpenWorlder189d ago

plus the statue looks like crap. How this sold out is beyond me. I'd much rather buy a NECA figurine. lol

189d ago
Hardiman189d ago

Looks awesome to me and can't wait till I get mine! The Neca figures are badass too but there's nothing wrong with this statue!

TheOpenWorlder189d ago

The statue is crap. I wouldn't buy it. If you can't see what's wrong with it, there's no point showing it or explaining it to you all

TheOpenWorlder189d ago

Keep justifying your overpriced and poor purchase. :)

AspiringProGenji189d ago

We like the statue so we are buying it. Keep justifying yourself by telling people what they should buy or not. You are probably poor so maybe that’s why

TheOpenWorlder189d ago

If I made the bad purchases like you all are making, I'd be poor - but luckily I'm not. Because I'm not making bad purchases. :) Your logic is equal to failure

Dark_Knightmare2189d ago

No go ahead statue expert tell us what’s wrong with it

Dark_Knightmare2189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

No you’re not poor it’s just mommy and daddy wouldn’t buy this for you so you’re salty

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MarineLineman189d ago

Long as GS online doesn’t screw me over, I’ll have my SM Edition this Friday

189d ago
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