The King of Kong may be dethroned, but Billy Mitchell still belongs to history

So they can wipe Billy’s name from the record books and vacate his claims, but if there is to be any factual retelling of the history of arcade video games and their high scores, he cannot be excluded. Thursday’s punishment only certified Billy Mitchell as the most famous arcade video game player of all time.

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porkChop187d ago

No he doesn't, and neither does Todd Rogers.

Kavorklestein187d ago

O.J. Simpson's guilt comes to mind, and I'm drawing parallels for some reason.

"If I did it" -The Billy Mitchell Story

cheetorb187d ago

In the doc Billy comes off as a total douchebag so who cares what he did.

Protagonist187d ago

I like him for the fact that he looks like a real life villain straight from graphic novel Watchmen claiming to be a friend of Dr. Manhattan while secretly collaborating with Ozymandias.

Chaos_Order187d ago

"But you, Billy, you're just a man. The world's scummiest man poses no more threat to me than does its scummiest termite."
*Billy lifts up his phone*
"What's that? Another ultimate weapon?"
"Old Billy Mitchell always has a plan."
*Pushes button on screen, wires money to Twin Galaxies. Monitors display his new scores at the top of every leader boards.*

Protagonist187d ago

The phone being the ultimate 80´s brick phone of couse Lol...

LoveSpuds187d ago

I think The King of Kong is a under-appreciated documentary. Whether you love videogames or not, it is such a great story and Billy Mitchell plays the pantomime villain so well.

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The story is too old to be commented.