Dead Space 2 Now Available through Games with Gold

Dead Space 2 is now available to download through Games with Gold on Xbox One. Don't forget, the "Severed" DLC is also available for Free at the moment to go with the main game.

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Rimeskeem283d ago

So that you can mourn the death of visceral

PhantomS42282d ago

Too bad EA forced them to ruin the 3rd game. Such a great series up until that 3rd game. Would love an HD collection of the first two games.

Septic282d ago

Boss!!! Waited for this

Gunstar75282d ago

That was a very Scouse thing to say. 😉

MWH282d ago

I don't know why i read GOG. Too many G's i guess.

Seth_hun282d ago

Just release a DS Trilogy Remaster, i would buy it day1

LoveSpuds282d ago

Agreed, I would love for a graphical overhaul of these games. When you see a remaster done right it just breathes new life into old games that a simple up-res doesn't.

These games were fabulous and already very atmosoheric but my imagination runs wild with how much more atmospheric these titles could be with the graphical capability of current consoles. I am not sure my heart or stomach could take a more atmospheric version of Deadspace but I would love to find out.

Kavorklestein282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Yes. I want a re-master, or at least an xb1x enhanced patch.

I want Mass Effect Trilogy Re-Masters or XB1X patches too.

And Battlefield 1 enhancement for Xb1X.

EA (Dice, Bioware etc.) needs to get busy with these things.