God of War Gameplay Breakdown: Mastering the Hardest Difficulty

The hardest difficulty "Give Me God of War" cranks up this PS4 gameplay to the max. However, with patience and quick skills it can be conquered. (Captured on a standard PS4)

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IamTylerDurden1190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

The combat is so deep and nuanced i can't wait to master it and then take on the hardest difficulty.

Heelix190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

I love learning new mechanics in game.
It should be fun figuring out how deep the combat is

but first I will play on the default difficulty before taking on the hardest.

6 days to go.

OB1Biker189d ago

Yes. I think starting on regular hard is fine since you can change to normal if it doesn't go well and be assured to be able to finish the story.

TallonIV189d ago

What? The combat doesn't look difficult at all, the gameplay seems to keep cutting to cinematic cut-scenes.

stokedAF189d ago

God of war was always like that. You beat enemies down until you press circle for a finishing move. It just looks different because the camera is so close.

thejigisup189d ago

Can you revisit this comment once you play the game? I don't get that feeling at all.

thejigisup184d ago

So have you played it now that it's been released?

watchem189d ago

Do you get the option to play this difficulty right at the start or do you have to unlock it?

MarineLineman189d ago

I really like what I’m hearing about difficulty hear. Instead of simply giving enemies insane numbers or accuracy, they’re actually making them smarter by changing their move sets and strategies. Kind of like what KZ2 did. Looking forward to giving it a shot and losing my mind in the process lol