Metal Gear Solid 4 is still a gaming masterpiece – Reader’s Feature

"I vividly remember the hype surrounding Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots’ release in 2008. It was not only the fact that Hideo Kojima had returned for another instalment in his critically acclaimed franchise, but the game also marked the final chapter in the story of an iconic character: Solid Snake. ‘This is my final mission’, Snake proclaimed in a trailer. As Metal Gear Solid heavily influenced my early teens (and long beyond it, too) it sent the chills down my spine when Snake uttered those words and set the stage for his final adventure."

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JKSimmons186d ago

I agree. I know many people don't but I loved Kojima's work on MGS4.

richierich186d ago

It was way better than MGS5

Deep-throat186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

No way.

There's one thing that's far better in MGS4: boss fights, awesome boss fights.

MGS5 has three boss fights. Super odd for a MGS game.

naruga186d ago

@Deep throat dont know what your talking about ....MGS5 is crap whole together ...i can say is not even a canon MGS title....MGS4 is a prophetic masterpiece far beyond your casual gaming understanding

morganfell186d ago

Completely in error Deep.

MGS4 s a masterpiece with a final sequence reveal 20 years in the making.

You play 5 major canon titles then MGS4 only to discover everything you had been doing, everything for which you fought was a lie. All those people you thought were evil were for the most part on the right side. And some whom you trusted were the true enemy. It is the biggest bomb drop reveal in the history of gaming.

Razzer186d ago

Only reason Deep-throat says that is because it was the only MGS on Xbox. Period.

ocelot07186d ago


Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance released on the original Xbox and PC about a year after MGS2 released on PS2. MGS3 also released on 360,PC,3DS a few years after it released on PS2.

The only Metal Gear Solid titles that are still exclusive to PlayStation are Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS4. As well as Metal Gear Acid and Acid 2 and Portable Ops on the PSP.

186d ago
Razzer186d ago (Edited 186d ago )


Thanks for the correction. Either way, MGS 4 wasn't on Xbox and so his opinion is defined by that and that alone. If he is anything, it is predictably consistent.


I mean....he makes it so obvious.

Imalwaysright186d ago


Agree. MGS5 is the better game. About half hour of MGS classic stealth gameplay was simply not enough especially when the stealth mechanics were amazing. So much wasted potential and all because it wanted to be a movie instead of a game. Thankfully the gameplay came back with a vengeance in MGS5.

Kryptix186d ago

MGS 4 was incredible from beginning to end and it was written well and what made it more epic was how every intense fight always felt like it was going to be Snake's last.

MGS5, man, it's good, but the story was dry and set you up from disappointment to disappointment. Repeating missions, just harder versions, it had too much filler. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the combat, but it felt like in between those segments, it wasn't pieced togethered properly. I would of enjoyed a smaller map and less missions if it gave me a consistent entertainment value of well written dialogue. I remember there wasn't much dialogue coming from Snake and also, no David Hayter made it feel less of a a real MGS game.

Deep-throat doesn't know what he's talking about. Most likely just watched some bits on YouTube without realizing that MGS4's story is also far better than MGS5's.

noprin185d ago

I completely agree
as a die hard fan,that finish all of the mgs at least 3 times,I think 3 and 4 are the best in the series
MGS4 delivered what was promised an ending to an epic story with so many good memories
I remembered how emotional I got when I played the act 4 Shadow Moses
damn I wish I could play it on PS4

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SolidGear3186d ago

Hell yes.. that was the last true MGS

submarinna186d ago

mgs 4 might have had too long cutscenes but that game is a masterpiece in my books, something mgsv is not.

porkChop186d ago

I didn't mind that the cutscenes were long. Most of them were fine. My problem was how frequent they sometimes were. Especially in Chapter 1. The game was a masterpiece though, and I really wish the series had just ended there.

Inzo186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

It wouldnt be a MG game if it didnt.

neutralgamer1992186d ago


that's the one thing i missed in MGS5 the cut scenes

CobraKai186d ago

I agree. The lack of cinematic cutscenes really hurt MGSV. They were prolly trying to cater to the criticism that there are too many cutscenes, but in the end, it didn’t feel like MGS.

Except for “those” Quiet scenes. Those scenes were aces in my book.

neutralgamer1992186d ago


agreed kojima tried chasing new fans for his series while thinking his old school fans won't mind and sadly the last experience of a MGS developed by kojima just wasn't up to par

trooper_186d ago

The cutscenes were well done, imo.

The_Jackel185d ago

still shorter than quantum break.... they were shocking. either that or just more boring then mgs4's

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chrcharcor2186d ago

I love all the MG games to a certain degree (well...maybe not Snake's Revenge), and I remember the hype around MGS4 back in 2008 and how well (to me, anyway) it lived up to it. I'd love to see a remake on PS4, though these days who knows what Konami will do with Metal Gear.

solideagle186d ago

I personally think MGS3 is the best MGS but that's just my opinion. some of the bosses in MGS4 are not memorable...

bigmalky185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

If you rate the games by bosses like that, you will then MGS is 5 times better than 3.

None of the games after the first had such well put together boss battles as a whole.

Sgt_Slaughter186d ago

If it were any other company, The MGS games would have gotten a PS4/One/Switch HD version, just like Resident Evil and Dead Rising.

DivineAssault 186d ago

All the metal gears were good in their own right.. Death Stranding should be interesting..

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