NieR: Automata Developers: Action Games Have 'Reached The Climax of Realism' - OnlySP

"Some of the key developers behind Nier: Automata have suggested that the action game genre is becoming stale, needing a revolution instead of an evolution."

ArchangelMike2236d ago

The new God of War says, "hello!"

nommers2235d ago

How is GOW more realistic than anything that has come before it?

Heelix2235d ago

don't be silly
If anything the new God of War is inspired by existing titles.

The Souls games come to mind.
The Last of Us

It's cool to be excited about an upcoming game. I am too.

But tone down the hyperbole.

SuperSonic912235d ago

Yes it maybe inspired by them games but the combat does not even look like them.

Servbot412235d ago

King's Field came out way before God of War and was the basis for the Souls series.

TallonIV2235d ago

"but the combat does not even look like them."

The combat is an after thought in these games though, pure simple with QTE's and cinematic cut-scenes.

TallonIV2235d ago

The new GOW looks a lot of like TLoU and Uncharted graphically and those games are 5+ years old.

Silly gameAr2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

You're just here to try to down play God of War it seems.

IamTylerDurden12236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Games in general are getting stale, but there are always outliers and innovators. VR is shaking things up, God of War tried something very daring with the one-shot camera. Hopefully this encourages other developers to take risks.

khdaface2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I dont think it was that daring to be honest, and the combat really reminds me of god hand which has over the shoulder camera

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Bastrad2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Half Life 2 had a one shot camera take on gaming, apart from the beginning with the Gman everything happened in the gamers eyes. It's not new. That was back in 2004.

narsaku2236d ago

You can't mash a bunch of perspectives together and call it a revolution... Neir:Automata sold because of panties, that's it. Look how horrifically the last Neir sold.

What action games need is, like always, good writing, fun gameplay mechanics, good music and tbh, the typical 10/10 score stuff games like GOW are getting.

Basically just play GOW, and think, "why are they so gud, when we are so not?"

remixx1162235d ago

Ummm, nier automatasold because its a damn good game.

It literally has great gameplay mechanics, a wild ass story and stellar music.

Its metascore of 88 is not because of panties. Try the game sometime.

nommers2235d ago

Garbage argument you have there. The last Nier has no bearing on the second’s success. Automata sold 2.5 million total so far and that’s without much of any permanent price reductions.

Asuka2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

"What action games need is, like always, good writing, fun gameplay mechanics, good music..."

If you played Nier Automata (especially through Ending [E]) you would know that it delivers everything you mentioned in spades, and no it isn't just panties...

GoW may be amazing, and the story something truly epic, but please do not even try to compare it with Nier Automata as few games will ever go as deep as that game.

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ludicrous2235d ago

not many people understand or know that Nier (including the first one) has great story/narrative that are philosophical, amazing characters, amazing music and combat (automata is at least). It is not the usual block buster holly wood story laid bare for all to see or easy to be understood. Bloodborne/Dark Soul/Lost Odyssey/Journey also dwell deep into philosophical narrative (which many people seem to gloss over) as well, though most only look at them from a game play perspective. IMO, these types of games are worth playing because if you actually understand the idea behind them, then you can truly appreciate what the developers are trying to convey to you, and perhaps reveal a certain truth.

bigmalky2235d ago

The first Nier is a really good game though. It was certainly better than any of the FF XIII series, and most of the RPGs of that time period.

A lot of new Automata fans have still not touched it, and it's a bit of a tragedy, as the story and music are possibly greater than it's sequel. The gameplay is obviously not as good, but it's definitely a magical experience for an RPG gamer.

TheOptimist2235d ago


"Nier: Automata sold because of panties" xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

GoW can't compare to Nier: Automata.... Nier: Automata is on a whole other level.

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masterfox2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

"action game genre is becoming stale, needing a revolution instead of an evolution." , damn I like Nier Automata a lot, but wow that's one of the dumbest thing I have read in a while, by evolving is the way something won't get stale , revolutions sometimes occurs cause the desperate need of an evolution of something.

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