The real reason Metal Gear Survive flopped

Metal Gear Survive never had a chance. When Konami introduced the survivalist take on one of gaming's biggest and most prestigious franchises, fans greeted the reveal with skepticism. Public demonstrations and open betas did little to assuage their fears. Metal Gear fans are simply too passionate, too loyal, and have been burned by Konami too many times to react any other way.

So of course Metal Gear Survive flopped, failing to crack the top of the charts in its fist week of release. Reports abound about all the ways in which Metal Gear Survive failed to live up to the sales of its predecessors. Some reports have pointed out that even Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — the Platinum Games-developed game starring everyone's least favorite character, Raiden — performed much, much better. 

But really, what other option was there? Before it even came out, Metal Gear Survive had been tried in the court of public opinion and was found guilty. But why were fans so opposed to Konami's soft reboot of this classic series, exactly?

As it turns out, that's a little more complicated.

ArchangelMike2294d ago

It is retribution for the way Konami treats it's employees, and specifically, how it treated Kojima and Metal gear Solid 5. Konami then shot themselves in the foot with the greedy way they montetised Survive, with microtransaction for unlocking save slots etc. at a time when fan outcry against microtransactions was at an all time high. As a long time fan of the Metal Gear franchise, I had absolutely zero interest in Survive.

syphon322293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Seriously 2 down votes, metal gear survive is the biggest pile of hot steaming feces this year.... You effing clown shoes must work for Konami.... I thought this game was a joke

trooper_2293d ago

It wasn't an MGS game.

This could have been a new IP.

RedDeadLB2293d ago

It wouldn't have fared any better

ArchangelMike2293d ago

If it was a new IP it would have at least avoided the shadow of the whole Konami/Kojima/MGS5 fiasco.

kreate2293d ago

But they were banking on the metal gear name.

KrystofKage12293d ago

Except they only ever had Team Kojima to make game engines, and they are basically gutted and without a leader.

Konami needs to go away. If they stopped after the release of Phantom Pain they would have saved a bit of their reputation. Now they are milking the work of a man they tried to destroy, and don't seem to understand why that pisses everyone off.

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hulk_bash19872293d ago

Because it was a soulless cash grab by Konami. No Kojima = Not a True Metal Gear game.

DarXyde2293d ago

The reasoning in the (multi-page) article tries to be a bit more convoluted. To save you all the clicks because SVG has no respect for their audience, it can be summarized as Kojima left, *how* Kojima left, nothing new, zombies, milking you for all your money, poor execution of "good ideas" (and let's be real on this one, the game is very largely Kojima's MGS V and Snake Eater), and it's only Metal Gear in name.

IamTylerDurden12293d ago

It flopped because it's a bad game and it totally abused the Metal Gear name.

bigmalky2293d ago

Not just that, but burying Castlevania and Silent Hill as franchises on gaming platforms were also two of the nails in Konami's coffin.

MGS along with those two and their employment practices just lost them a lot of customers.

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MAULxx2293d ago

Putting aside microtransactions, the beta was enough to know it wasn't a game for me.

Rachel_Alucard2293d ago


It was a F2P mobile style game priced at $40 and nothing enjoyable about logging in each day. The paid character slots were the least of the problems yet every article attacked that like it was THE problem. Ignoring everything about the crappy mobile style of game design or the convoluted systems set up to get you to blow more money.

MAULxx2293d ago

Good point Rachel_Alucard.

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Yui_Suzumiya2293d ago

Then the next should be Metal Gear Existence? O_O