Fei Fong Wong From Xenogears Gets His Own Figure This September

Following the news that the Weltall mecha from Xenogears is finally getting a toy, we now have more details on the Fei Fong Wong figure that’s coming out this September.

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FallenAngel1984186d ago

Square Enix can’t even give us a remake of FFVII yet. What makes you think they’re at a point where they can start remaking other PS1 games on a whim?

DivineAssault 186d ago

At least someone hasnt forgot about the begining of Xeno.. I wonder if square can put this and the xenosaga's together for modern audiences? It would sell like crazy on switch.. PS4 likely too

SuperSonic91186d ago

Damn I have to finish this game on Ps3

Magnus186d ago

Damn I want this I wish they would also do Id and Elhaym as well

notachance186d ago

I want a remake with fully fleshed 2nd disk

FallenAngel1984186d ago

You see how long Square Enix is taking just to release the FFVII remake?

You’d be lucky if they gave Xenogears a remaster like with FFVII HD & FFIX HD.

Plus it’d be impossible to flesh out the 2nd disc content now that the creator of the game works at a dev team owned by Nintendo.