Check Out the Mega Drive Mini in First Teaser Trailer

Check out the newly-announced Mega Drive Mini from Sega, in a teaser trailer, giving you the first chance to see it from different angles.

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Majin-vegeta188d ago

Let's hope they're smarter than titendo and make plenty of stock

MadManMcGee188d ago

Personally I think Nintendo were geniuses for making limited stock. It's what Nintendo do. Artificial scarcity makes people want it more. Wouldn't have sold any where near the numbers they did if you could just walk into any shop and buy it; the fact that if you saw one on a shelf and thought it might be your only chance to get one made people buy it (me included).

howiewowwee188d ago

Just like in the past, SEGA is following NINTENDO'S footsteps.

MWH188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Let me just tell you that SEGA's legacy extends beyond the reach of your ignorance.

letsa_go187d ago

Woah, we still have Sega fanboys? hahaha

Sgt_Slaughter187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Here's my issue. This is going to be a tough sell past the hardcore/semi-hardcore, because there's been so many plug and play emulation consoles made by AtGames over the years, it might not appear as much different than those.

I want one immediately though, and I hope I'm wrong.

*UPDATE* Nevermind, this is being made by AtGames and not SEGA. Disappointed.

ImportGamer3004187d ago

The cartridge slot isn't open so it's another cash grab just like the NES & SNES Mini.