This New Content is Exactly What Sea of Thieves Needs

Sea of Thieves Hub writes: “Following concerns over Sea of Thieves’ lack of content, and worries for the game’s future, Rare today released a video detailing Sea of Thieves’s upcoming content updates, major and minor. And they’re exactly what the game needs.”

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Gazondaily1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

It needs a lot more than that tbh

Prince_TFK1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Well it is a start at least. I can’t wait to see what it will evolve into. The possibilities are endless for this game.

Gazondaily1280d ago

I suspect that by the time the game is fleshed out with the content that should have been there day one, it will be a couple of years. That's too long for me

TKCMuzzer1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

The problem is not adding content, its keeping people interested long enough for the content to mean anything. The video game industry moves very quickly, if you don't stick a peg in the ground early the whole thing will just get swept away.

PhantomS421280d ago

There is no reason why it couldn't have been there at launch. To release a game with no content is just embarrassing for the developer.

Gunstar751280d ago

Totally agree. I've never known a game that can be so tranquil one minute then give me a stress headache the next.

fiveby91280d ago

Why did MS and RARE release the game so hastily if it was known to be lacking in content? Clearly, the suits insisting MS keep a release window to avoid conflict with other titles. I think releasing too soon did more harm than good. They would have been better served to produce more content then release. First impressions last. Will the game improve? I hope so for their sake. If they were gonna release in the state they did then they overcharged for the product.

IamTylerDurden11280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

But will there be anyone left by the time the game is respectable? And with all the great games releasing now and on the horizon should people stick around or should they trade in the game and put the $20 store credit towards God of War, Spiderman, Ni No Kuni II, MLB The Show 18, A Way Out, Far Cry 5, KH3 ect? Get my point?

No Way1280d ago

Release date was too long long for you, Septic.Quit acting.

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Cyborgg1280d ago

I already forgot about the game

Gazondaily1280d ago

Course you did Super 😊

Cyborgg1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

You forgot about it too 😊 have fun playing God of War next week

narsaku1280d ago

Might be time to take a break from N4G bud

KwietStorm_BLM1280d ago

You could have made a legit comment about the state of the game at it's release or anything about why people were disappointed with it, but forgetting about one of the more hyped games in recent times is..interesting.

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1280d ago
Zeref1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Actually all it needs is more content. Sea of Thieves has an incredibly awesome base. If they can keep providing content at a fast pace. It will be an amazing game. It reminds me off early days world of Warcraft.

IamTylerDurden11279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

No it isn't. Sea of Thieves has more issues than just content. The ground combat is atrocious, the quest structure is laughable, and the progression system is almost non existent. The game is flawed beyond the lack of content.

zerocarnage1279d ago

Do you or have you even played the game???

I find that the negativity is mostly c9ming from the ones who having even touched sea of thieves let alone played it for more than 5 minutes..

There are also the trolls that because it's a Microsoft game would do anything to brand it bad.

Then there are the fanboys, who don't even own an Xbox yet take it upon themselves to comment and to think there view matters when clearly all they are bothered about is making sure no one likes any game on Xbox which is pathetic.

God knows why it should concern anyone really when those commenting that are getting negative a big percentage of those people have not even bothered with the game one bit..

The game is for friends that is for sure and it can be a very fun game when playing with others.

I just don't see what people are expecting from a game that is mostly played on water. I said the same to those criticising elite dangerous when that game out, saying what do you expect for a game that is for one played in space, has only just come out and has a setting that to a lot of players mite be very bland while your travelling from A-B

Those that were negative trolls simply do not understand that back in the days of piracy, there just wasn't much to do when at sea.

I do think rare should of gone for higher player counts on ships and gone for a more adult approach adding in whore houses and the ability to be in a clan which could own there own island and build it up from the fort to the town and other clans could raid or trade. I do believe if rare hadnt of took a less mature stance that sea of thieves could of had many think added to it, a ship master job could be added but then rare would need to add farming materials and ships could be designed and built.

I think rare have missed an opportunity to truly create a master piece that is more of a simulation game with it's own eco system, but rare went for simplicity where I would of gone for complexity.

Again sea of thieves is fun when playing with others and that is what counts I guess.

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bluefox7551280d ago

It doesn't have time for that, I can't imagine players are gonna hang around much longer in a game that has no content.

KrystofKage11279d ago

Author seems to miss the fact that the game design is fundamentally broken.

More new quests with trading companies? This was one of the biggest problems with the game! Trading companies should be a very minor part of the game. And finding a treasure chest should feel rewarding, not just a step in order to get a few measly coins so you can buy a hat.

More types of enemies? More focus on exploration? They had 4 years. There's no excuse for how fucking barren and boring this game is.

This game sucks. Windwaker came out almost 20 years ago and does it better in almost every single way.

Cussing1280d ago

Who wrote this headline? "Turns out all a contentless game needs, is content."

King_Lothric1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

All the things that should have been there on day 1 are coming in the long term. The sad thing is that they already have people's money.

Imagine you are going to buy a house and they ask you for the price 100,000 and then tell you ok, here is 1 room, the other rooms, kitchen, porch, second floor and garage are going to be available on the next years.

You would say WHAT!!! As long as there are Xbox gamers giving the ok to these practices, Microsoft will keep doing the same.

welly3001280d ago

Just Microsoft? They released it to soon, i reckon Rare would have liked another year, before releasing but the pay masters had no other games to show.

SublimeStylee21280d ago

They had 4 years to create a game with bare bones content!

WilliamSheridan1280d ago

Shhhh! You'll get reported and banned! You can't point out logical things that reminds people that Sony isn't perfect!

rainslacker1280d ago

GT Sport released with all the content that they said they'd release for it though. It was a full enough game for what it was. There was no ambiguous statements about the content being robust, like how Rare said that there would be more content after people questioned the beta's content.

GT Sport has since indeed added in new content, including new game modes. But GT:Sport started with what it said it would.

Maybe it's just an issue that people just really didn't know what to expect from SoT, because the full details were never made known.

Imalwaysright1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )


It's an incomplete full priced that has yet to be completed 6 months after its release and I doubt that even after 1 year the people will get the game they ALREADY paid for because there are many more planned cars that need to be added to the game with those so called free updates that aren't free at all when you look how long it took PD to make a single premium car for GT5 which btw are less detailed than Gt sport cars.

What PD/Sony and MS/Rare did with both games is nothing but a disgusting anti-consumer practice and no gamer should give excuses to these companies. Incomplete full priced games need to die.

Minute Man 7211280d ago

These people posting on here have always been pro Sony. I remember "The Power of the Cell" days

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BLAKHOODe1279d ago

They got a little bit of my money. I don't know what Rare's cut is of my $10 Game Pass subscription. Oh wait, I'm still on the free trial until the end of May. Nevermind.

KrystofKage11279d ago

Not much money. Microsoft don't release detailed sales numbers, so I'm willing to bet a lot of people like myself used the 14 day trial game pass and never bothered renewing. Plus it was free when you bought a new Xbox at most stores. I wonder how many of those 2 million sales were gamers who bought this turd at full price.

Game design is broken beyond repair, and instead of changing it, they are doubling down on trading companies and grinding. Terrible company.

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