Evil Avatar: SOCOM: Confrontation - Day 1 Impressions

Evil Avatar writes: "Well, it's official - the season of gaming officially began yesterday (at least for me) with the release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation for the PS3. This game continues a franchise dating back to who knows when for Sony, and continues to ramp up the game to current-generation levels. The game is a over-the-shoulder FPS (guess that's an oxymoron...well, has first-person view through the scope ) pitting a team of military professionals against mercenaries in an all out war right in your own living room.

The Good

The game is simply gorgeous. The level design and detail exude time and dedication needed to create them, both in their scope (some of the levels are BIG) and the level of detail all over the place. Textures are crisp, and colors pop off the screen. Dynamic lighting is great, and there are different times of day to fight in which makes a big difference in your overall gameplay - or at least it did for me. Fighting at night is much more challenging as shadows creep into areas that were visible before, and ambushs all the more prevalent. Finally, the physics of the game are spot on with nice ragdoll characters to shoot and blow up. One special moment last night that stands out was me catching someone climbing up a ladder with a grenade launcher round. As he died, the foot of the character got caught in one of the rungs of the ladder, and he proceeded to dangle upside down for a few minutes of the game. Oh how I wish the in-game screenshot capability was in (more on that in a second)."

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pansenbaer3657d ago

Yeah I agree with the firmware update. It has so far taken me about 3 hours to download it alone.

El_Colombiano3657d ago

Wow are you on a 128kb/s connection or what?

crazy250003657d ago

maybe its the timing and connection speed

NegativeCreepWA3657d ago

I redownloaded both today the install took 5-6 min and the udate 7-8 min.

pansenbaer3657d ago

No I have cable. I have a feeling I started downloading the update at the same time most of the rest of the world did. Horrible experience so far. Its they are aware of the 'problem' with the servers, but isn't that why we beta tested? I have yet to play a game.

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TheExecutive3657d ago

the game didnt look that sharp in the beta. Have the visuals been upgraded quite a bit?

kevin11123657d ago

to me they definitely seem upgraded.

Itrguy0013657d ago

i hope i dont play against ppl who spray and pray.

FantasyStar3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

What's wrong with Spraying and Praying? It's still a technique and it's not my fault if you happen to die. Luck is a skill ya know :)


30 minutes to install. Gave me enough time to take a dump and read the manual . but socom is back so i forgive

NegativeCreepWA3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Screw Socom, I just spent over an hour getting dropped out of rooms every time I readied up after I spent most the day trying to connect to the damn game. If you actually get to play its great. But right now its one of the most unfinished pieces of crap I've ever played.

Sorry for the rant but I'm pissed off and it needed to be said.

wolfehound223657d ago

well I do remember a lot of the same issues with Warhawk just give it some time.

jaysquared3657d ago

Yeah.. No complaining when PSN is free!

NegativeCreepWA3657d ago

I don't know about you guys, but when I buy a online only game I expect the online portion of it to work.

Crazywhitie3657d ago

Get an xbox 360 .. I have far less problems with the online there... I 'm haveing the same problems with Socom... Almost like the Beta Never Happen.. What can you expect when something is Free... Free = Crap

PoSTedUP3657d ago

its the first day, most games experience online difficulties in the beginning.

and for 50$ the least xbl can do is have some games worth buying, and maybe some better servers but i though free= crap? why does psn have better servers and better higher quality games? hmmm....

NegativeCreepWA3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Correction most PSN games have online difficulties at launch.

Postedup you would be one of the first to jump all over a 360 game for having a small problem. Here's a game that's unplayable and the dumb #%*^s on this site cant even admit its a unfinished piece of crap.

SIX3657d ago

I understand your frustrations. I spent over an hour last night and couldn't even get into a game to see what this game looks like. Why don't they have a training room or something. All I wanted to do was see what the game looked like. I'm also pretty pissed off about this.

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