The Little Touches In Spider-Man

This short video gives you a brief look at a few touches that will enhance the game.

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DigitalRaptor279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Can't wait to explore this city. Definitely fees like a vibrant and living one, from the footage so far.

Excited to see Spider-Man interact with citizens in funny ways.

OffRoadKing279d ago

My God this looks so good, another fantastic game on the horizon for Playstation, the wait to September is going to be agonizing. Fortunately GOW will alleviate it a little.

narsaku279d ago

The only little touch this game needed for me to naw out was Miles Mores. Rape of fictional history.

SuperSonic91279d ago

LOL Gameinformer

Anyways I am so glad to see the synergy of Sony, Insomniac, Marvel and Disney.

They are working harmoniously to deliver what could be the most important entertainment industry cross over of the generation.

Video games + Comics + Film industry synergy.
Truly Amazing!

DivineAssault 279d ago

Yeah see about that.. Your right and the game will be fantastic but will disney sneak their greedy hands in the pot for dlc n stuff?

SuperSonic91279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Bill Roseman said Disney is dead serious this Spiderman ranks in quality with the likes of Uncharted and TLOU that is why the project was given as an exclusive to PS4.

So I feel Marvel ain't messing around this time. Spidey does deserve a AAA critically acclaimed game since the PSOne days.

DivineAssault 279d ago

This game has great potential to be yet another groundbreaking hit like Horizon & GoW critically.. It seems like a Spider man game with the TLC the Arkham games got... That avengers film will have spidey fans snagging it too..

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