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Sony Santa Monica makes us care about Kratos in this stunning revival of the series.

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OffRoadKing1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Another perfect. As of right now the meta is up to 95.

DarkVoyager1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Great now I have to make a new avatar!
Edit: Done!

On topic: Amazing score from Giant Bomb.

mockzer01998d ago

Bwahaha, that made my morning man. 😁

SuperSonic911998d ago

Dude, you are the man!
That's original.

spicelicka1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Honestly though, the game is amazing no doubt but advertising the review score in your avatar is pretty cringeworthy. You should have a pic of just Kratos, that's interesting to look at, not a number.

S2Killinit1998d ago

Hahaha nice i give you a 95 for effort.

I also cant believe it made it to 95! So hyped.

DarkVoyager1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )


“Honestly though, the game is amazing no doubt but advertising the review score in your avatar is pretty cringeworthy.“

Kratos disagrees.

VenomUK1998d ago

Giant Bomb, like the UK's EDGE magazine, can be tough reviewers. So that's a great score.

OffRoadKing1998d ago

Lol, good stuff brother, have 96 ready to go just in case.

Cyborgg1997d ago


Kratos son Atreus disagrees 😁

TheKingKratos1997d ago

kratos after looking at the reviews
"Look at my avatar"

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generic-user-name1998d ago

This is TLoU levels of greatness here.

SuperSonic911998d ago

Nothing is gonna stand in Kratos' way.
Not even the gods.

SuperSonic911998d ago

@ S2Killinit

"Not even the trolls LoL"


PaleMoonDeath1998d ago

Not even the clickers, heh.

IamTylerDurden11998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I said God of War was going to be this generations TLoU in terms of quality and generational impact before reviews hit. And it's looking more and more true.

Each troll is unique, they each look different and they have their own name, backstory, and fighting style.

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Ceaser98573611998d ago

NINETY FRICKING FIVE... WOW!!! TAKE A BOW Cory and his amazing team at SM...

Ceaser98573611998d ago

But i only fear that there are few reviewers who didnt get reviews copies and will bring the ratings down... trolls reviewers are incoming for sure :(

zivtheawesome1998d ago

Legendary status achieved! Now the question is if it’ll maintain it. Please edge don’t ruin it... (edge gave the mainline GoW by order 8,7,8, but they did give TLOU a 10 and hopefully they like the new direction to save the score.)

G20WLY1998d ago

Wtf, they gave God of War 2 a 7/10?! 😂 Clowns

Cyborgg1997d ago

Who would disagree with your comment🤔

OffRoadKing1997d ago Show
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GaboonViper1998d ago

95 on metacritic, by the Gods.😱

MasterCornholio1998d ago

It's true. I can't wait for my Pro bundle.

GaboonViper1998d ago

Nice, i'm happy with my slim, i don't really like all this mid gen upgrade stuff, hope you enjoy your Pro.

Veneno1998d ago

Im so happy to see that Sony Santa Monica swung for the fences and knocked it out of the park. You could always see they had the talent to be god tier like Naughty Dog or Kojima and they were a half step below. Now they have sealed the status. Cant wait to get my copy of the game!

IamTylerDurden11998d ago

They have always had incredible technical prowess, but Cory evolved the narrative aspect and gave the characters and world dimension.

SuperSonic911998d ago

That 5 on 95 is for the 5 years it took SSM to make this game.
They deserve the praise and success for their hard work.

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