Flash Sale: PS Store Offers Up Scary Good Deals [US]

Brian writes: "Welcome everyone and behold PlayStation Store’s latest flash sale! This month we’re highlighting select titles that are sure to get your heart racing and have you sleeping with one eye open. No April fools or cute chocolate bunnies here, just pure spine-tingling terror at up to 70 percent off.

Starting now, save big on games like The Evil Within 2, Until Dawn, Outlast 2, and a lot more!"

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PhoenixUp1127d ago

Seems like a strange time to hold a horror themed flash sale but I’m not complaining

godslayer4291127d ago

Friday the 13th is the only reason I can think of

LgbtWarrior1126d ago

It’s Friday the 13th boo.

StormSnooper1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I don’t know there are some great games in that list, unless you mean for you because you already have the ones you think are good? Alien Isolation for 8.99 caught my eyes.

thekhurg1126d ago

Until Dawn for $5 is a great deal. So are many other offers in that list.

Sorry you couldn't get Far Cry 5 for $10 on this sale or a free copy of Spider Man or God of War.

campofmusic1126d ago

that's not my point, i still remember better sales from sony, this is kinda the worst.

LgbtWarrior1126d ago

Great sale. FYI leprechaun HD is only 2.99 on amazon. The movie deals are meh. Game deals are better