5 Mistakes PUBG Made that Allowed Fortnite to Dominate

It’s genuinely incredible just how much the gaming landscape has changed over the last year. A space that was once dominated by online first-person shooters and big budget sequels now pales in comparison to the battle royale genre which has since taken the world by storm. As it stands, Fortnite is king, and it's because of a combination of both Fortnite's smart marketing, and PUBG's mistakes.

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Neonridr187d ago

Fornite is free.. so it will always have an easier appeal since anyone can just try it out to see if they like it. The fact that PUBG has gotten to where it has, while still requiring someone to actually purchase the game, is saying something.

They both have a place in this world.

jgreen1993187d ago

This is something of like to ask the devs in future, are you even trying to beat Fortnite? The pubs obvs want to cus money, but I think the game is designed to be a more niche experience

Sgt_Slaughter187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

PUBG existed beforehand, and had plenty of time to get the game into full, working condition on all platforms before Fortnite was even announced. The game is an unoptimized mess that costs money, Fortnite is free and runs perfectly fine on even consoles.

nowitzki2004187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Did you play PUBG? I get about 120fps

antz1104186d ago

Let me correct you: half of Fortnite is free. It was a completely different game when released, and it wasn't perfect. I'm pretty sure those that bought save the world funded the battle royal half which is kind of garbage since the battle royal mode gets alot more attention. Lol btw it was announced almost 5 years ago. It had plenty of time to get to what it is.

Neonridr186d ago

Fortnite struggled in its current form. It was only when it took another popular game and delivered a similar experience that it experienced exponential growth. Call PUBG what you want, but it was because of PUBG that Fortnite became what it was.

Sgt_Slaughter186d ago

When I say Fortnite, I'm referring to the Battle Royal mode specifically since that's what PUBG is.

Bladesfist186d ago

PUBG on PC isn't great from an optimisation standpoint. Stuttering being the main issue (I sometimes get a hefty stutter when my character takes damage) but I also get around 80 - 130 FPS. I assume you are mainly referring to the Xbox version.

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FallenAngel1984187d ago

“PUBG honestly runs better on mobile than Xbox One”


Sgt_Slaughter187d ago

It reminds me of a PS1 game at some points, especially with how the frame rate gets into the low 10's

nexusx187d ago

the sad part is that it's true.

Broomfondle187d ago

Well they released it on XBOX for a start, instead of prioritizing development for the PS4. Also Fortnite is for kids. There you go. That's it.

Fluke_Skywalker186d ago

I'm 37 and live it too, I also play it with my son who is 7. It's not for kids, it just happens to also be accessible for kids.
Also good that it's cross platform I can play on the PC while he's on the PS4 and be in the same team.

Cmv38187d ago

I think pubg focusing on Xbox instead of also working with ps4 like fortnite was a very big mistake.

MatrixxGT186d ago

They haven’t focused to much on Xbox. Even on the X it still a buggy mess. Half textures hardly load in, disconnects, etc. it’s gotten a little better and they still claim early access but PC has 3 maps and they released a stable Mobile port since Xbox release.

Hell if they bring it to ps4 I’d hate to see how long they get it up and running right. Or maybe they are just dragging their feet until their exclusivity deal with MS is up?

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