Is Gaming Now the Ultimate Form of Entertainment?

GTA V has set some remarkable milestones for gaming. But, it is not the only game and series to do so well. Could video games dominate the entertainment landscape?

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SegaGamer187d ago

Always has been for me, ever since i first played on the Sega Master System as a kid.

Fist4achin185d ago

Since my coleco and commodore 64!

SuperSonic91186d ago (Edited 186d ago )


This is what I am talking about!

In his engineering mind, that was and still is the vision of Ken Kutaragi when he saw his kid playing the Famicom. In his hands that vision was translated to the Super Famicom sound chip then to the Nintendo Play Station CD-ROM add-on then to the stand alone PlayStaion X and the rest of the PlayStation family.

Videogames is not there yet compared to movies or music or gambling industry but its getting

PlayStation is pushing the medium of videogames as fast and hard as it can and like no one else since the PSOne.

The good thing about PlayStation is instead of competing with the other entertainment industry giants like Disney, it is cooperating with them to get the mind share of the general public with games like Spiderman.

Truly, greatness awaits for PlayStation.

Prince_TFK185d ago

As always, Sony thanks you for the free advertisement.

SuperSonic91185d ago

You are very welcome.
Hence Kutaragi called his team Sony Computer Entertainment now Sony Interactive Entertainment.

At least Sony doesn't pull down free advertisement by their fans like Ninten-does.

Derceto186d ago

Now? You mean you thought it wasn't all this time?

MAULxx186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Maybe it will but for me, a bigger & better point is that there is great stuff all the time across all forms of entertainment. Movies, music, video games, table top RPGs, TV shows. There is so much great stuff. Yes, there is a lot of "social diversity" infused nonsense in some of this stuff but thankfully there's also still quality entertainment that isn't bludgeoning you in the nuts by people who only care about skin colors & hate male masculinity. Comic books are the outlier here as they've went down hill but there are still some good comics if you're willing to search & dig deep but it really seems to be slim pickens now compared to the past. I've really enjoyed some awesome films, shows, books & games the past few years & I think that's very cool.

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