5 Reasons Far Cry 2 Is a Far Cry from the Average Shooter

If you think shooters are a dime a dozen, well...let's just say you need to quit slumming it in the bottom-rung bargain bins. But you would be correct that many shooters blend in with each other. They get lost in a swirl of flashy graphics, unimaginative settings, and same-old-same-old gameplay. So when something truly different like Far Cry 2 comes along, you can't be blamed for not knowing any better. But you'll have no excuse after reading these five reasons Ubisoft's radical new shooter set in Africa is a far cry from the average shooter.

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Silogon3654d ago

I will make the most kicks ass level of all time and you all will get owned. owned I say, owned!!!! ahahahhahahahaahaahahahahhahaa .... Now back to reality. this game is going to be sweet as hell. If the Ps3 version can stack up to the Pc and Xbox 360 version; it's a 1st day buy for me.

El_Colombiano3654d ago

Well the devs were praising the PS3 before so I would expect so.

doomsonyman3654d ago

i'm getting this and little big planet its going to be fun AS HELL. getting dead space tomarrow

LikAChicken3654d ago

i freaking cnt wait till next weds

trancefreak3654d ago

i might get the pc version just because my pc is getting lonely

Snake Raiser3654d ago

Thank you for using this story that I added to tips. I wanna be a contributor!

Other than that I am glad to have stumbled across this story.

SUP3R3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

You're welcome, and thank you for the story.
Just take the test if you want to be a contributor it isn't hard at all.

Jacobite3654d ago

Too maney dam good games think I'll get this for the PC so I get peace to play it : )

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