Xbox One's Big Halo: MCC Testing Program Is Now Sending Out Invites

As part of its big effort to continue to improve Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Microsoft is inviting community members to test new updates in a "flighting" program. Invitations are now going out for the Halo Community Feedback Program, and specifically the MCC Insider Program.

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Septic191d ago

How is this still not running as planned?

Lon3wolf191d ago

Valid point but you have to admire that they have not just given up on it either.

Parasyte191d ago

Because it is 343 Industries running the show.

Kavorklestein191d ago

My honest opinion why there were so many issues, is the fact that so many parts of this game were outsourced to other studios.

Like Saber Interactive etc...
Gag me with your work sock and flush me down your grandma's 1934 ass toilet first. Yeesh

timotim191d ago

This update covers more than just match making. UI changes and X enhancements in 4K are also planned. I'm in the preview...hoping for a good experience.

OpenGL191d ago

It is shocking, it came out almost 4 years ago.

I played through all the campaigns in co-op in 2015 and it was mostly fine by that point but it still wasn't perfect.

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Ciporta1980191d ago

Well this is embarrassing.

TedCruzsTaint191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

On one hand, I applaud them working at this thing to this day. It was solid of them to even offer another game as an apology, way back when.
On the other hand ... stop releasing unfinished products. This is the franchise that really made Xbox a name, out of the gate. It's your damn flagship. Show it, and the customers, more respect.

chiefJohn117191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

It wasn't unfinished, it had server issues and something to do with how it switch from game to game, its something you wouldn't know without hundreds of thousands of players to test. Show them respect for even giving us a title as ambitious as this. They couldve just release Halo 2a and simply bundled ports of the other games like other collections do and called it a day but they tried to go above and beyond.

Ofc it on them but I wouldn't consider this unfinished. Campaign ran fine and mo does work. It has issues sometimes in matchmaking or when switch to another game from within a mix playlist. I consider games lacking content or gameplay issues such as falling through the ground to be unfinished. This is a server issue here.

TedCruzsTaint191d ago

Sorry. Love the franchise. Been a supporter of Microsoft for years, even though I shifted over to PC years ago. If you release a multiplayer-heavy game, and people have issues for all this time, that's on you.

Stogz190d ago

Show them respect??? I was so excited for this collection but they completely blew it. Me and my friend tried to do online co op thru the story and had nothing but problems. I'm sorry but they deserve nothing.

chiefJohn117190d ago

@stogz that's understandable I didn't have any issues with the campaign online mp. The lobby would take forever and drop completely after finding others 1 out of 3 games.

Sciurus_vulgaris191d ago

The easiest way to completely fix the MCC would be to get rid of the intergrated match making between the separe Halo games. I firmly believe it was the seamless match making that caused the match making issues when MCC launched.

chiefJohn117191d ago

That is the issue. I don't want them to get rid of the other games. I'd rather them separate the setup like you said. Instead of intergrating the games and seemless transition. They should be separated to a degree. Still risky but should help solve the problem a lot. If they can't get it after this patch than they should use the game as a quick link to the ports of each game and make MCC soley be Halo 2a and maybe a Halo 3a with Halo CE and 4 separate game ports that's loaded up individually.

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