Why Gears of War 2 Kicks Halo 3's Butt

Master Chief lovers take note: Gears of War 2 wipes the floor with him and his ring worlds.

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Nineball21123681d ago

If Gears 2 kicks Halo 3's butt,


Resistance 2 is destined to kick Gears 2 butt,


Resistance 2 obviously kicks Halo 3's butt even more!

LOL! :)

Flame Shield On!

pumpkinpunker3681d ago

R2 looks too generic.

I imagine it will get scores in the 80's whereas Gears 2 has AAA title written all over it.

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lelo3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Amazing the number of Fony ... opps Sony ... trolls on this site. Always bashing on X360 news. Don't you guys have nothing to do ... or play ... on the PS3? Guess not.

As for R2 beating Gears 2... no way. Not even close.

shutupandplay3681d ago

Why compare halo and gears? Instead, compare halo and resistance. They are both generic FPS`s.

DevastationEve3681d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Gears is for the frantically over the top bloodsport lovers. Halo3 is FPS rated E (though I coulda swore there's an M rating on it...yep there it is!)

But don't insult Halo3. It's a DAMN fine game. The controls are tight and everything happens the way I want it to. Gears sometimes you stick to a wall at the wrong moment. I own Gears (and beleive me I'm a Gears fan) but sometimes I wish it was less glitchy. Halo3 has the TIGHTEST FPS controls EVER! I can f*ckin lob a grenade and switch my view in less than a second and STILL know I've hit my target. Maybe that's just me, but I know I can't do that with Gears.

There's a chapter in Halo3 I'll never forget, not because it was cool but because I played it on Legendary and the strategy I used to survive was OFF THE WALL! It was a docking bay with a truck possitioned in the center and three grav lift items were placed on the floor next to it. There is a guy with The Hammer at the very end of the corridor (that alone should give it away).

Of all things, I had to knock this shelf around and use it as my cover as they kept shooting. I effectively closed in the corridor by knocking that shelf around and was able to peak out every now and then to fire away. The shelf did its job of covering me from fire, and preventing them from getting past me and surrounding me.

As I took them out, I had to get out from cover and grab their weapons and then duck back again (I had NOTHING! just those friggin weak blaster guns). When I saw that they were going to toss grenades, I would shoot them to force them to drop it near them. That would help quite a bit. Then the tougher group started making its way to me. I just held that shelf up as long as I could!

Good memories...

edit: disagree for mentioning a clearly satisfying moment in FPS gaming nirvana? WTF?

sack_boi3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Gears is a TPS and Halo a FPS.

It's like comparing Diablo and Final Fantasy, they're both RPGs, but their still very different.

Report the fanboys as off topic. pls.

beans3681d ago

Don't let these guys bother you seriously. If they want to talk mess let them because in the end we all know that nothing they have will ever amount to Halo or Gears. As far as which is better is just a matter of opinion, and for me it's Halo but for my brother it's gears.

Killjoy30003681d ago

What exactly do you mean by generic? I don't get how Gears and Halo aren't generic.

zethos563680d ago

How is gears generic? I don't see another 1000 TPS games like gears out there. Troll harder.

gta_cb3680d ago

lol i just found your comment funny :P

Killjoy30003680d ago

Both the story line and voice acting in Gears is generic.

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pumpkinpunker3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

With the edge to Halo because it revolutionized shooters. These are the 2 best console shooters out there not named Half-Life or COD4. we'll have to see if Gears 2 raises the bar though. These guys know something we don't seeing how they've already played Gears 2.

running rampid3681d ago

gears>>>>>halo imo. gives it a slap in the face in every aspect except for community features, where bungie is still unbeaten.

meepmoopmeep3681d ago

oh wow,
so xbox fanboys are fighting amongst each other now.

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RAF-TECH3681d ago

hmmm.. hard to decide..

I vote Gears of War.
It's just too baddA55!

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