Phil Spencer Congratulates Sony Santa Monica on God of War Praise

“Congrats @SonySantaMonica @yosp on the review scores and the upcoming launch of God of War. Looks like a special launch for the franchise, great job.”

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lxeasy188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Great to see good sportsmanship, let this inspire you Phil. Nintendo and Sony are no strangers to there exclusives receiving high scores. You guys can do it too.

Godmars290188d ago

This isn't sports, its business.

FATAL1TY188d ago

Congrats to Sony Santa Monica!


good luck Spencer..

Septic188d ago

Get your house in order before being so quick to congratulate the competition.

He also congratulated the team for the review scores GoW is receiving. Fine but this is off the back of his own platform's latest exclusive sitting at 68....

DJStotty188d ago


He congratulates studios all the time. He is a gamer, not a suit

Kabaneri188d ago

Xbox (at least in terms of exclusives) was arguably in a better state under Don Mattrick than Phil Spencer. All we have gotten since Spencer was hired is mediocrity and cancelled games.

PhantomS42188d ago

He is still from a competing company and congratulating them is still a very respectful and professional thing to do which you don't see that often especially when kids on the internet like to push a myth about console wars.

Nintentional187d ago

Sports are a business too man 🤦🏻‍♂️

mandingo187d ago

Ok next time Phil should bash them for making a good game.

IamTylerDurden1187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

It is purely business.

Phil had some fairly nasty words about Sony and single player games not too long ago where he specifically mentioned Horizon. He publicly denounced singleplayer games and claimed they have very little impact. He said that it was a questionable business strategy by Sony for their devs to continue investing in single player, story driven games. He also said that Sony couldn't do much outside of these types of games and insinuated that Sony had a poor strategy and that gamers didn't want these types of games.

Based on his previous comments it's hard for me to believe that Phil is being genuine when he congratulates Sony/God of War.

antz1104187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

As an xbox gamer he needs to get more competitive, there's a reason Sony is never congratulating him.

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rainslacker188d ago

I'd rather MS be more prickish about it and make something of equal caliber.

Cyborgg188d ago

What's hilarious is that some of the Xbox fans on twitter wants this game on Xbox

Septic188d ago

What's hilarious about that? Why wouldn't Xbox fans want a good game?

ILostMyMind188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Because they bought an XB. If they wanted good games, they should buy a PS.

chiefJohn117188d ago

How is that funny? We see both Xbox and PS4 gamers do this about each other exclusives. You just had people wishing Sunset was on PS4 the other day on that Insomniac article

submarinna188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

septic on super Saiyan defence force mode for Xbox...lmao😂 that's what a great exclusive like god of war can do! defend on my brother I can see u allover this article and others with the green shield

Godmars290188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Maybe its that for years "Sony fanboys" have been complaining about the shortage of MS 1st party games. How its either been "Halo Gears and Forza" for the longest time, or "the games are coming" during droughts. That they're "saving up" for the next system which was the excuse during the 360, then again for the XB1.

Again, since we are talking about a business and not sports, the issue's always been that MS decisions in how they approach the market has not been based on feedback, but on where they wish to take things. That's how they're likely still hemmed in as a "FPS console" even if that's on longer a thing. They've actively ignored certain types of games along with certain types of gamers while only insisting that their systems have been for everyone and the contradiction between words and actions without apparent awareness has crippled them. Has largely left them out in the cold as far as JP games and that market is concerned.

And all of that is kind of funny. More so when considering what fan base they have, who talk more about consoles than games. in that past they've attacked honest 360 owners looking for help for RRoD dismissing them for trolls, now they insist system power is the only important thing while waiting for Halo 6 (?) and insisting that the Switch isn't going to put them in 3rd place.

Minute Man 721188d ago

@ Godmars
But the top 10 games sold on the X1 I believe 7 of them are fps

Sayai jin187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Lol, then they need to get a it happens on all sides when a great exclusive is launched.

IamTylerDurden1187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Because it's a Sony first party game, a real first party game, not that convoluted MS definition of first party. It will never come to Xbox. So for certain Xbox fans to want the game to come to Xbox is odd, they should know the reality of the situation. It's like wanting Halo on PlayStation, it's silly.

Glak18187d ago

I'd rather have it on PC.

Godmars290187d ago

"But the top 10 games sold on the X1 I believe 7 of them are fps"

Okay. They're still a FPS console.

Though I'm honestly curious if people disagree with me because of that, or that MS have crippled Xbox but can't see how.

antz1104187d ago

It's no different than PS players wanting Mass Effect last gen.

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gamer7804188d ago

Microsoft has done this receiving over 9.0's on gears 4, halo 5, and Forza horizon 3. The issue is Microsoft just needs new IP's that aren't those big 3. Single player, with optional co-op would be ideal, not try to be the next overwatch, fort nite or pubg.

Godmars290188d ago

The issue is that they haven't had any real success aside from those IPs, and even then they're from their heydays.

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Ashlen187d ago

haha When people say crapgamer I thought it was a joke, but i guess there is actually some guy who seriously calls himself that, go figure.

Reading those comments is hilarious, those guys are honestly and truly mad Phil sent out a congratulatory tweet.

Just wow.

Sayai jin187d ago

lxeasy, I see what you're saying and agree, but it's not like MS has not recieved great scores on some of their exclusIves as well.

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AspiringProGenji188d ago

after the critical flop that was Sea of Thieves and the critical acclaim of god of War, I really want to see him reacting to all the SP games succeeding and still having impact in the industry. Maybe he will look back and rethink his statement

SuperSaiyanGod41188d ago

It's good to see Phil showing Sony Santa Monica sum love. Microsoft just needs to stop giving up on their new ip's so fast and give emm a chance to grow by making sequels and improve from their first outtings.

mkis007188d ago

The best example of this was the first the time it recieved received moderately high reviews, but sony stuck with it and a short time later we were gifted with Uncharted 2.

SuperSaiyanGod41187d ago


Exactly, great example.

OB1Biker188d ago

I think GOW is going to break records and prove him wrong again regarding SP games 'impact'

sizeofyou188d ago

And Spiderman will follow.
And Days Gone will follow.
And others will follow.
With plenty of variety in between obviously. Big SP games are completely relevant when added to a diverse mix of alternatives. Not everyone likes them but they'll still make people happy and make profit if theyre good...

Critic4l_Strik3188d ago

And Detroit
And TLOU 2
And Death Stranding

rainslacker188d ago

I am pretty sure he, as well as many over at MS, have thought about their stance quite hard before they decided to relay it to the public.

A few high profile games hitting it big to prove them wrong isn't going to change the stance that they can make more money with less work by going to GaaS, nor will it remove the risk involved in actually producing a SP game, where if it flops, you lose more than what you would with a F2P style game that they seem to want to move towards.

This is something a lot of publishers in the industry actually are moving towards though. However, most publishers still like to diversify their portfolio, and realize that there is a big enough market to support more than one style of gaming. But it's things like what Spencer said, or EA implies, that keeps investors weary about investing in the riskier projects, when there is potentially more reward with less risk in GaaS style games. At least for the time being, because eventually GaaS type games will flood the market the way the FPS market got flooded last gen, basically meaning that only a few titles actually end up returning big on investment.

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DivineAssault 188d ago

Success happens when you dont focus on games as a service or disregard single player titles..

paintedgamer1984188d ago

I actually believe with the wrong direcition ms is headed (has headed) all this gen, it would take a massive miracle to see ms succesful again. Which is damn sad.

NotoriousWhiz188d ago

The slate gets wiped clean every gen. They have a chance at something next gen but not this one but only if they make the right investments now.

TheMuffDiver188d ago

Its actually heartbreaking and the best example of just simply being out of touch with gaming and its community. Microsoft is trying...just not hard enough. Money talks and they are not investing enough of it, too stuck on numbers and profit. While i do enjoy gaming on my X it saddens me to know that xbox days are numbered.

adamwparker187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Yeah, it seems pretty bleak now. They brought out 'The Most Powerful Console Ever'.....and nothing really changed. It still doesn't have the good games ratio people want. So now what's their move?

They did get a win with PUBG exclusivity, but it launched a mess.

They had this game changing 'people don't want single player games anymore' title Sea of Thieves and it lost its charm super quickly because it was so repetitive and not much to do.

Other games got released unfinished(ReCore) or just got scrapped all together (Scalebound).

They delayed the other bullet in their chamber, Crackdown 3, and....well.... with God Of War and Spider-man quality type of games out these days, is Crackdown 3 really gonna be a console booster? Last I heard it wasn't looking too ready to earn praise, and MS needs a game of the year contender(Like they got with Cuphead).

Last generation, Xbox 360 was my main system and all my friends were XBox Live'rs. It's so crazy how much MS has fallen behind from their decisions.

Hardiman187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

@Notorious not exactly because I had an OG Xbox(still have it) but the RRD x 4 and lack of exclusive games burnt me and the PR blunder of the Xbone reveal sealed the deal and it'll take more than a new gen to sway me!

History shows that M$ starts off fairly strong but doesn't support their console and I'm not buying a $400. to $500. console just to watch it collect dust!

I don't think they'll ever get back to where they were at the start of the 360 era.

Edit: I feel bad for fans who still hold out hope and it infuriates me at how they are conducting business now!!!! It's not fair to those who bit the bullet and supported them in the early years!

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NotoriousWhiz188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Success happens when you focus on bringing a variety of games. That includes both single player games and multiplayer games as Sony (and Nintendo) are doing.

kreate187d ago

Which multiplayer games has Sony/Nintendo brought to the table that gave form of success?