Do gamers really care about cross-platform play?

GameTrack survey of European gamers shows indifference to the trend, and a lack of influence on purchasing decisions.

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Nyxus188d ago

"The GameTrack Q4 survey shows that cross-platform play is not an important factor in how gamers think about purchasing consoles, though. When presented with the idea that it would make them more likely to buy a console they might not otherwise, 54% of respondents in Europe either Slightly or Strongly disagreed, with 38% disagreeing Strongly. That's compared to just 13% who agreed with the statement."

ShottyatLaw188d ago

So it doesn't look like it would have much effect on console sales. I agree 100%.

So what were those business reasons against allowing it again?

darthv72188d ago

Put it this way... console sales may not be affected but game sales would. A game that offers cross platform play has a greater potential to sell because now anyone who buys it for their system of choice would not be alienated to just playing against others on that platform.

In the online space, they all speak the same language and should be allowed to compete regardless of system.

TheLegend1985188d ago

I dont lol, I think its pointless really.

MagUk187d ago

You think it’s pointless to have a lager pool of online players? After time some games struggle with numbers of online players why not put them all together?

crazychris4124188d ago

What's not to like? More people to play with and easier for friends to play together. Next step some games need to do is allow you to set up parties and add friends with players from other platforms.

Neonridr188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

People will specifically say that they don't care about playing with people from another console. But what they are ignoring is that having more consoles available to play together means more games available, more opponents, longer online support from devs (reduced costs to have separate servers). That is the point of cross-play. Nobody cares that it's Sony with Xbox or Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.