Is Steve Jobs right on Blu-ray and HDMI?

Analyst Opinion - Steve Jobs has called a number of trends before they started but also missed on a couple. For instance, the market never understood the one-button-mouse-thing. However, I do think they may have a potential winner with their no-button track pad because it applies what has been learned from the iPhone to the laptop. Looking back, Apple has probably led in hardware more than any other single company in terms of big moves. But what is up with the decision to ignore Blu-ray?

In terms of financial performance, at least in recent years, Apple is a money-making machine and it's hard to argue with that kind of success. Their best recent move was to take Nvidia graphics across their laptop line, which finally brings Apple laptop graphics performance in line with its promise.

Currently, Apple is signaling a move away from optical altogethe, ignoring Blu-ray and jumping to DisplayPort over HDMI for their laptops. This comes at a time when Blu-ray forecasts have never been stronger and there are more monitors and TVs with HDMI interfaces, probably by several magnitudes, than there are with DisplayPort interfaces. So, did Steve Jobs get it right, or is he taking his company and customers down a dead end street?

While I'd probably make the same move with Blu-ray, I'm not as sure about HDMI.

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Darkseider3655d ago

He is just mad that when he said the iPhone will be the next revolution in portable gaming, people pointed and laughed at him.

CliffyBee3655d ago

Just like my dad (Adam Greenburger) says - If it aint M$, it probably isn't worth it!


I hope daddy Adam doesn't see this post :(

(if anyone knows Kaz's email address, send it me in a message, I need a new job)

tatical3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

FireWire isn't as popular as USB, but overall its a better expansion port.
Its to bad FireWire took a backseat to USB

Karum3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I love BR movies but I don't think I'd be bothering with a blu-ray drive for my PC or laptop at the moment.

I just think it's sacrilige to watch a Blu-Ray movie on anything but a nice big full HD TV.

Of course if I had my PC hooked up to my 40" Samsung LCD I'd probably be very keen on a BR drive for my PC but as it is I'm very happy with just using my PS3 for my Blu-Ray needs.

I don't necessarily agree with Steve Jobs but I think the article wasa decent read, the guy made some decent and valid points imo and not the usual slandering "BR will die/is dying" article.

Harry Flopper3655d ago

No,he's not.And you're a fool in believing what he says has nay significant weight;He's pushing a format that rivals physical media,if you expect him to sing praises of physical media then you're a bit daft.

PirateThom3655d ago

Apple are on the board of the BDA...

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