EEDAR Launches Biz-Facing Fact Service 'GamePulse'

Interview with Greg Short, co-founder of EEDAR, about their new internet portal for publishers and developers.

It is about time that someone took the initiative to combine all these industry facts and data sources into one outlet.

From the Article:

"EEDAR, they explained, was not merely a firm that crunches sales numbers. Rather, measuring 15,000+ data points per game - including everything from the number of achievements to the game's marketing budget - and then combining that "game DNA" with sales numbers before performing statistical regression, it was a firm that could predict with some degree of accuracy how a new game might perform based on the same real-world factors that affected similar predecessors. I remember listening in awe as they described the immense collection of game facts they had accumulated so far, and - I'll admit - imagining how much more credible and substantial my own minor news analyses might be if I had access to the same."

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