Can Dragon Quest XI Repeat Monster Hunter World's Success in Wooing Western Audiences?

From what we’ve seen of Dragon Quest XI, it could follow in Monster Hunter World's footsteps in appealing to a brand new audience.

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FallenAngel1984190d ago

That’s not a good comparison to make since Monster Hunter: World was heavily retooled to be more accessible to western tastes while Dragon Quest XI will stay very traditional

DJK1NG_Gaming190d ago

Nope. Only way it can if someone Dragon Ball fans flock to it.

PhoenixUp189d ago

“Much like Monster Hunter, one could argue that the Japanese cult series has struggled so much in finding a larger base of players due to its confinement to underpowered hardware.”

That’s not exactly the case.

- Dragon Quest I-IV found about as much success in the west as most of RPG of its era on the NES. When RPGs became more prominent during the 4th gen the Dragon Quest series didn’t get localized anymore.
- Dragon Quest VII releases in the West on PS1 at a time when more people were getting more invested in PS2. Not to mention that the mainline series went on hiatus in the West 9 years prior to its localization.
- Dragon Quest VIII marked when the series started gaining traction in the West but it didn’t make it mainstream there.

Neither the NES, PS1, PS2 could be considered underpowered during the time they released. Releasing on them didn’t impede their chances of success. In the case of DQVII it was the time it released late in its console’s lifecycle.

Plus even if DQIX had released on the more powerful PS3, it wouldn’t have sold any better in the West as it did on the DS. For example Ni No Kuni sold a similar amount on PS3 as DQIX did on the DS in the West.

“Dragon Quest VIII was the last mainline series entry to hit home consoles in Europe and North America, for instance, somewhat marred by developer Level-5’s need to fall back on cel-shaded textures, characters, and environments for Dragon Quest’s first foray into full-3D. Aesthetically the games were still playing catch up to Square Enix’s other JRPG series Final Fantasy”

DQVIII having cel-shaded graphics can’t in any way be seen as a detriment. The game looked quite stunning and it was the best way to bring Akira Toriyama’s aesthetics to life. You can’t compare it to Final Fantasy since they both go for completely different visual styles.

“For all its franchise success and celebrated reputation, Final Fantasy is very much a mixed bag in terms of quality and execution by comparison. Tweaking turn-based battle mechanics with each new game before fully making the transition to open world with Final Fantasy XV, the franchise is intent on adapting to Western tastes rather than letting them embrace it for the unique flavor only JRPGS can offer.

Dragon Quest might be equally renowned for its ability to reinvent itself, complete with a new world, new story, and new characters every time, but it still never loses sight of its identity as a traditional JRPG.”

That’s why Final Fantasy is a more successful franchise in the West than Dragon Quest though. FF’s willingness to change itself has caused it to become more appealing to western audiences while DQ’s willingness to stay extremely traditional is the reason it’s remained a niche franchise outside Japan.

Gemmol188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

It's much shorter than everything you wrote

Japan just like me prefer turn based rpg games

Western prefer action based rpg

Dragon quest is turn based

Final fantasy stay with action based

This why dragon quest sell better in Japan vs final fantasy and have its own holiday

While final fantasy sell better in the west

I think Japan have better taste, turn base the best

So the answer is no it won't sell as much as monster hunter because monster hunter is action based

PhoenixUp188d ago

@ Sega

Yeah no shit, hence why I said “even if DQIX had released on the more powerful PS3” with if being the keyword.

@ Gemmol

Dragon Quest would outsell Final Fantasy in Japan regardless. Plus only FFXI, FFXII, FFXIV & FFXV have action orientated combat, not the the entire series.

Turn based combat is not the best, it’s just another option.

Comparing DQXI to MHW is stupid because of drastically western the game was made as opposed to DQXI staying traditional. Idk why this site doesn’t try to compare DQXI to P5

189d ago
majiebeast189d ago

Nope SE decided to launch it 3 days before Spider-man.should have picked August.

Gemmol188d ago

Skip spiderman and get it

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