(Kingdom Hearts) Leaked TGS Trailers Translated

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "Kingdom Hearts Insider is proud to present to you the leaked Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days trailers revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2008 with complete English subtitles!

After viewing the videos, I was able to fill in what little gaps the bloggers who usually report on the trailers had left out. Also, thanks to RK for editing the footage to make it easier to watch."

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TheColbertinator3707d ago

Xion is a strange character indeed

Zerodin3706d ago

Why the FvCK does nearly everyone have an X in their name?!
What the HELL does "Birth by sleep" mean? Or "358/2 Days" for that matter?

FantasyStar3706d ago

That's what they're doing. By having all these exotic names, Square-Enix thinks they're being "hip" and "creative" when IMO it looks like they're running out of ideas. Kingdom Hearts is NOT epic. It's a kiddie game. That is all. Leave the epic games to Final Fantasy please. There's nothing epic about Disney characters.

Zerodin3706d ago

I still wish I knew what the hell the game's titles mean.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3706d ago

Zerodin AKA Angry Xbot

The titles are referring to the unfolding of events within both games.When the players complete the game,the reason for those titles will be shown.

By the way,360 sucks XD

Rockxy3706d ago

Birth BY SLEEP. It's called that cause in the game Micky will make love to the hero and then mickey in his sleep will give berth to the chosen one!

3706d ago