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Cosmin Aionita: "In the end, however, these grievances fade in the face of the God of War package, taken as a whole: the story is enough to give the characters the motivation they need, the performance of the actors is at the highest level and the gameplay excels when it comes to the feeling of exploration, consistently sustained by fights or freshly introduced elements of RPG. In short, Kratos's adventure continues, and PS4 console owners should not miss it."

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michellelynn0976282d ago

A 9 is a good score for GOW. It looks really good.

The_Jackel282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

shit score should have been 10 lmao im joking of course

conanlifts281d ago

IGN gave it a 10. Very impressive score, possibly the best game this generation.

The_Jackel281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

yeh maybe will have to see what the other games have in store.
maybe tlou 2 rdr2 maybe never know maybe spider-man might blow us all away

GoldPunch-TR282d ago

It says ''Less epic than other gow games'' :(

mania568282d ago

probably because of the expectation you will fight all gods and such, which we might not be able to do in this game and is saved for the ones that come after this.

Last_Boss281d ago

I love this comment. You understand and are a fan of pacing it appears.

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DarXyde282d ago

You can decide that for yourself, you know.

Muigi282d ago

Kratos was out here killing gods and titans. He has a son now thats to be expected.

DarXyde281d ago

Let's not forget that he's already lost Calliope.

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Avengerz43282d ago

And it starts.....GoTY 2018.....

Dark_Knightmare2282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Bro just get used to it because when the embargoe lifts here in like 5 hours all you’re going to see are 9’s and 10’s. I mean anybody that read all the previews that were posted a few weeks back could see it coming by how overwhelmingly positive they were

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thejigisup282d ago

You are correct, this review is singular. There will be more I expect, unless something incredible happens and no more reviews are published. I do expect many of them to give the game some real high scores but it all means nothing if you don't enjoy it. Based off of what I've seen this far they could put kratos in a top hat and exchange the axe for an umbrella and I'd probably still give the game city status thus far. Detroit is next too so we gotta see.

Cyborgg282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Wait for it at 12 lol

The_Jackel282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

shouldnt you know if it is or isnt a 9 off one review ? didnt you play it according to this you have it
or did dumbass you forget about that comment due to it being a lie?

Cyborgg282d ago

Frinker got Exposed LMAO

Frinker282d ago

I've beat it actually and I'd give it 8.5 out of 10. Calm down

The_Jackel282d ago

so you know its around the 9/10 game then? so why question someone saying goty 2018 if you rate it an 8.5?
why not simply say you have played it and finished it and say that you rate it an 8.5? which is only .5 off a 9
not say its only one review when the person is obviously hyped for gow

The_Jackel282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

next time write ya stuff here frinker dont pm me this bs
"You're really starting to trigger me. back off"

grow up ya child

and another pm to state he reported me for bullying and spreading a pm.. slow clap
im sorry you sending me that pm with anger behind it should get you a ban before me lolz but what evs god forbid someone ever catches you out

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rainslacker281d ago

Thought you were already playing your copy? You said that the other day. I'd think you'd be able to predict what other reviews would be based on such a play through. Would it be rated in the 8-10's, and if so...why not just say the best is yet to come? If not, then what you say now makes sense.

I'd like to know, because I have a feeling that it will make you look a fool if you want to stand by the "it's one review" because you think it won't score highly from anyone else.

OffRoadKing281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Its not one review anymore.

Avengerz43281d ago

Look at all these reviews rolling in..... It's coming

Nyxus281d ago

Currently the third highest rated PS4 game on MetaCritic.

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Avengerz43282d ago

You already know it's a early favorite for it

282d ago
Avengerz43282d ago

That's definitely it's biggest contender no doubt. Unless TLoU 2 can sneak up on us in 14 2018 then things would be very very interesting.

Elda282d ago

I know RDR is popular but that's one game I could care less about including the upcoming sequel.

ShadowWolf712281d ago

Nah you're both wrong.

Clearly it'll be Spider-Man.

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conanlifts281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Judging from the scores I agree. If it doesn't get GOTY then it will be a huge shame. Red Dead Redemption 2 is possibly the only game that stands a chance of getting in the way.

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