SPOnG Reviews LittleBigPlanet

Review by Tim Smith:

"There's no point in dealing with this game, with this LittleBigPlanet (henceforth LBP) without first dealing with the context in which it appears. First, let me introduce Hype:

Rise of the Robots, Epic, Driv3r, Spore, GTA IV: my gaming form – like yours - has had its ears, hands, mouths and eyes drenched in the rancid filth of pre-release game hype (and boy, were we the media culpable in all of those).

Back in the early days, said hype was restricted to magazines and the few BBSs that bothered to deal with such childish fripperies as video games. GTA IV and Spore, however, have taken the spreading of geld-growing brown propaganda to the mainstream.

The hype for Sackboy (and Girl) has been huge. And here is where I would like to make the first of my points about the 'game'. The hype has not been horribly intrusive or flash. There's been something quietly joyous and confident about LBP since first news began seeping out about it (or was seeped out).

Although Sacklad has been popping up in lifestyle titles, he's not been whored around in a whirlwind of obviously 'guerilla' campaigns or smothered in pseudo scientific language aimed squarely at the liberal chattering classes in the broadsheets. Don't get me wrong, there is time. However, as of this point, the feeling underlying the game is one of, as I say, confidence in a piece of work that Media Molecule obviously hugely enjoyed making and shows great pride in."

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Harry Flopper3654d ago

Already have it pre-ordered,will be taking the day off to create my level and publish it....

eric1003654d ago

21st OCT = death anniversary of FLOP BOX 360

Genesis53654d ago

99.9% Well thats pretty close to a 10 I think.

beast3654d ago

They gave SMG (mario galaxy) 98%

MazzingerZ3654d ago

the field that stores the score is 3 digits long of which 1 is a decimal...that's why only 99.9 could be registered :P

TheSadTruth3654d ago

this is really disappointing

I don't see how any site can give LBP anything less than a 10.. I mean this is the greatest game ever made

This site is obviously being paid by Microsoft to smear the PS3.. so sad.. oh well we all know deep down this game is a 10, it's site's like this that give game reviewers a bad name

Nitrowolf23654d ago

lol that hilarious
it must be hard for then to give it a ten, so they gave it 99.9

himdeel3654d ago

...I wonder where it missed the 0.1 point that it need for a perfect score :)

Jamie Foxx3654d ago

create mode,they said once its released in a patch they will review it again

you all should really read reviews before posting

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The story is too old to be commented.