Game Focus: Time Hollow Review

Game Focus writes: "How cool would it be to have the ability to send yourself a message in the past to change the present? I know for a fact that I would send a message to myself to place all my savings on the 2004 Boston Red Sox after they went down 3-0 to the Yankees. Others would go back to prevent a mistake or warn someone of an upcoming event or danger. In Time Hollow, you have the chance to fix the past and help the ones you love. It sounds like a great concept, but how does it translate in the videogame world?"


+ Interesting and engaging story
+ Plenty of twists
+ Hollow Pen is an interesting concept
+ Great cut-scenes


- Too much leading
- Extremely easy
- More watching rather than playing
- Not enough use of the Hollow Pen
- Why is it rated 'T'?

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