Here are console-exclusives Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned running on RPCS3

Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned are two games that released exclusively on old-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). And while some of you may not be interested in them, some others will soon be able to play them on the PC thanks to the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3.

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Fist4achin242d ago

Loved playing as Garcia Hotspur. Hilarious writing!

LgbtWarrior241d ago

I love the music(Akira Yamaoka) , the save system (actual poop) and the sushi 🍣 lamp 🤪.

thejigisup241d ago

So much better playing the games on the system they were made for.

NiteX241d ago

Actually it depends. If the emulation is perfect and you can get waaaaay higher resolutions than what those systems they were made for can put out then you would be very wrong sir. I'd vastly rather play GC and PS2 games on an emulator these days than plug in my old consoles.

thejigisup241d ago

I'm really just speaking on the gray area of legality where many people pirate these games and emulation doesn't do anything to help curb that. As far as improving frame rate, mods, improved textures, yada yada, yeah def could be good. But I'll say most people that have paid for these games (most) don't give a hoot about emulation at this point. So many people will be pirating the content which I find to be absolutely horrible.

Pro_TactX241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

As far as legality, all that is necessary to stay above board is to buy the game cheap on eBay and create the ROM from that. Emulation is perfectly legal that way. The developer gets no money from used sales, so from a practical standpoint it doesn't really matter to the developer if someone downloads the ROM or creates the ROM the legal way.

thejigisup240d ago

Let's be honest, most ppl are pirating legally created roms

LgbtWarrior241d ago

Awesome games. Highly recommended if you like horror, camp and grindhouse. Shadows is better than lollipop but both are crazy fun.

bigmalky241d ago

Hwance apon a time...

The fairy stories in SotD are hilarious.

oakshin241d ago

Garcias boner did work I love that game so much

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