A Way Out Developer Almost Signed with Microsoft

Josef Fares had very positive things to say about Microsoft and Xbox head Phil Spencer.

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Gazondaily1807d ago

Interesting comments from Josef Fares. Its obvious Spencer cares about gaming and is passionate. That's why I laugh at all those that call the head of Xbox as nothing more than a PR mouthpiece. He just needs to start really delivering on the exclusive front for the Xbox- the one area that its really lacking

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zaherdab1807d ago

no need to laugh at people ... they disagree with you ... you disagree with them ...have a laugh together and live happily ever after we all want better games.

Gazondaily1807d ago

Well not literally laugh at them lol (sounds more aggressive than I intended) but you know...just find their sentiments a bit silly. But it's just banter in the end- each to their own.

zaherdab1807d ago

yea true .. people tend to get more emotional and go into a whole my console is better than urs arguments when each platform has its ups and downs ....

Razmiran1807d ago

Would you say the same about Aaron Greenberg?

yomfweeee1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

You can laugh all you want. But what is laughable is the games record under Spencer.

So people can say all they want about Spencer, but it is just talk. Just like Spencer does, all talk.

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The fact that this guy signed with EA over MS? What does that tell you?

RamRod881807d ago

Did you watch the video? He says exactly why he choose EA over MS and it has nothing to do with MS in a negative way.

Kostche1807d ago

yeh, he cares, look at all the games he is showing.... OH WAIT

generic-user-name1807d ago

The same Spencer that says he'd never keep content away from gamers, referring to Sony and Destiny's deal for minor exclusive gear, meanwhile he pays to keep an entire game away from gamers (rotr). Yeah he's great.

Edito1807d ago

Where are the games he care about? In developers recycle bin that's how much he cares.

zypher1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Maybe that's why people call him a PR mouthpiece? Because he speaks with all this passion about gaming, yet consistently comes up short when it comes to delivering games?

It's almost maddening. The Xbox One X is the most technically accomplished system ever made (for now anyway), yet there hasn't been a game worth buying one for since Forza Horizon 3.

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Jinger1807d ago

I love how genuine Josef is.

Gazondaily1807d ago

Yeah it's pretty refreshing. And his comments re: Spencer come as no surprise tbh

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lxeasy1806d ago

Phil is def the best thing to happen to Xbox in a long time. Here goes the down votes lol

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Destiny10801807d ago

will someone please give phil some games

jznrpg1807d ago

He needs ideas for games and ppl that can execute. They have studios just no good ideas that succeed

yomfweeee1807d ago

It is Spencer's job to find those creators. No one is going to give him anything.

SuperSaiyanGod411807d ago

You're statement is true but I'm sure behind it there is higher ups that call the shots which Phil Spencer has no control over. I'm sure it's the same with every other pr in a huge corporation. Alot of them are gamers at heart but the head boss always has the last saying.

Pancit_Canton1807d ago

Josef Fares: F*** IGN, Microsoft and Phil Spencer. I'm signing with EA.

RpgSama1807d ago

You know MS is in a bad place when people choose EA over you

coolbeans1807d ago

Couldn't even bother to watch the video?

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